Literal snowflake Ben Shaprio is raging over Frozen’s Elsa possibly coming out as a lesbian

Ben Shapiro Frozen

Part-time conservative commentator and full-time snowflake Ben Shapiro is having a meltdown about the mere idea that Frozen’s Elsa could be a lesbian.

During one of his many anti-LGBTQ+ rants on The Ben Shapiro Show, the so-called author and media personality took time on Monday (17 April) to rant about Disney, Dylan Mulvaney and MrBeast’s co-star Chris Tyson.

He spent over an hour rambling on about why people should boycott beer brand Bud Light over its collaboration with trans TikTok star Mulvaney, voicing his endless thoughts on why companies should stop going “woke”.

When he turned his attention to Disney’s Frozen, Shapiro appeared to melt down over the possibility that lead princess Elsa could, in fact, be a lesbian.

“The great suspicion is that in Frozen 4, they’ll make Elsa a lesbian,” he blathered, forgetting that there isn’t yet a third Frozen film.

“If they do that, it is the end of Disney as a company. Predict it. You can write it down. It is April 17,” Shapiro added. “If they do that in Frozen 4, it will destroy Disney, like thoroughly destroy it.”

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Rumours first started to circulate that Elsa could be gay in 2019, after unidentified sources revealed to publication We Got This Covered that her sexuality would be confirmed in the third film.

“The intention is for Elsa to have a girlfriend in the threequel, confirming her sexuality in the process,” the mystery source said.

LGBTQ+ fans have long claimed Elsa as a queer-coded icon, due to her apparent lack of interest in finding a male love interest.

Still from Disney's Frozen 2 trailer.
Disney princess and internationally feared lesbian, Elsa. (YouTube/ Walt Disney Animation Studios)

While Disney hasn’t confirmed whether Elsa is or isn’t gay, the entertainment giant has introduced several LGBTQ+ characters in the last few years – and still turned over a profit of more than $3 billion in 2022.

Last year, Raven’s Home, starring lesbian actor Raven-Symoné, introduced its first trans character. Meanwhile, in 2021, Disney’s animated series The Owl House introduced its first non-binary character.

Disney is yet to go into administration following the character introductions.

In his rant, Shapiro also alleged that Disney has been “on the retreat socially” – suggesting that the company is leaving LGBTQ+ themes alone.

However, the company recently announced its first US-based Disneyland Pride event, and is currently embroiled in a bitter row with Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis, over the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ lawmaker’s stance on LGBTQ+ equality.

Over on social media, Shapiro is enjoying a good rinsing for obsessing over a children’s film that is yet to even be announced.

“It’s really funny to be a grown ass man this invested in Frozen 4. I didn’t even know they made a sequel to the first one,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is perfect example how they literally make up issues to be mad at to stir the never ending culture war,” shared another. “It was just announced that Frozen 3 is green lit and you’re preemptively mad about an imaginary plot line in another sequel that doesn’t exist?”

“Adding ‘ability to destroy a multi-billion international entertainment conglomerate just by existing’ to my list of lesbian superpowers,” joked a third.

Frozen 4 currently does not have a release date, as it does not exist.

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