This gay couple were spat on and called ‘cancer gays’ simply for holding hands. Weeks later, it’s happened again

Fabio Viana and Daniel Schepers amsterdam

A gay couple who were spat on and called “cancer gays” in a vile homophobic attack in Amsterdam last month have been assaulted for a second time.

Daniel Schepers and Fabio Viana were harassed by a group of people because they were holding hands in public, their lawyer Sebas Diekstra wrote on Twitter.

The group reportedly started shouting at Schepers and Viana. One of the group then walked up behind the couple and kicked one of them to the ground, NLTimes reports.

“The police were quickly at the scene, breaking up off the attack and the group fled,” Diekstra said. One person was held by police over the attack.

It is the second time the gay couple has been attacked in Amsterdam in the space of a month.

Schepers and Viana told police they wanted to press charges, but were told to go into a police station on Thursday of last week to file a complaint as officers were too busy to deal with their request.

Viana shared a news story about the attack on Facebook and wrote: “Here we go again.”

The same couple were brutally attacked in a similar assault that took place in Amsterdam last month, on April 12.

The police were quickly at the scene, breaking up off the attack and the group fled.

“At some point you’ve just had enough,” Schepers told Amsterdam broadcaster AT5 after the first attack. He said “the whole group seemed to support it” and added that they all seemed “so worked up”.

The earlier incident began with the teenagers hurling insults their way, but the youths fled the scene when bystanders intervened and called the police.

A 15-year-old boy turned himself in after the last attack.

When police arrived there was no sign of the teenage boys, but as soon as they left, two of the teenage boys pulled up on a scooter and spat on Viana.

The 15-year-old boy accused of spitting on Viana later turned himself in after the couple shared video footage of the attack on social media, police said.

After he was released, the teenager told YouTuber Youness Ouaali that Viana pushed him and the couple subjected him to anti-Muslim remarks during the incident.

The boy insisted that he has no ill-feelings towards gay people. His lawyer Anis Boumanjal said the video footage only showed one side of the story.