Kylie Minogue wants to give the gays everything they want with a Madonna duet. Over to you, Madge…

Kylie Minogue Madonna

Kylie Minogue has said she “would love” to collaborate with Madonna, and that sound you hear is thousands of gays screaming.

The singers are both widely loved by queer audiences, and fans have been crying out for a duet for decades.

The pair have never worked together – but Kylie has revealed that she is fully behind the idea of them pairing up.

During an interview with Andy Cohen on Sirius XM, Kylie was asked if she had ever spoken to Madonna about collaborating.

Kylie Minogue reflected on the one time she was photographed with Madonna.

“We haven’t,” Kylie replied. “There’s one hilarious picture from the Met Ball, maybe five years ago or so, where I went to say hello to her and we had a brief chat, and a photographer got one picture, but he probably didn’t know who I was.

I would, of course. I’d love to. I’ve long said that it would be great to do something with Madonna.

“I think it was her boyfriend at the time, or a friend, he’s blocking me out, so the fans were going nuts – ‘This is the one moment we could see them together!’ – and it was completely missed.”

Touching on a potential collaboration, Kylie said: “But I would, of course. I’d love to. I’ve long said that it would be great to do something with Madonna.”

The “Say Something” singer reflected on her teenage years in Australia, when she first started listening to Madonna.

“I was 14, 15, dancing around my bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, and she was like this rocket ship,” Kylie said.

“She’s awesome. But [a collaboration] has not happened.”

Minogue was supposed to write songs with Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears for her new album – but COVID-19 put those plans to bed.

Kylie also spoke about her upcoming fifteenth studio album Disco, set for release in November, and revealed that a planned writing session with Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears was called off because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer said she was supposed to fly to Los Angeles in March to work with Shears, but the flight was cancelled as COVID-19 began its rapid spread across Europe and the United States.

“He is just solid gold,” she said of Shears. “I think he’s a fantastic writer, performer, and he’s got that singular quality that we miss.”

Kylie added: “I for one wouldn’t be mad at a Scissor Sisters reunion.”