Matilda star Embeth Davidtz – aka Miss Honey – makes surprise TikTok appearance to pay tribute to her queer fans

Matilda miss honey

Matilda star Embeth Davidtz, who played Miss Honey in the 1996 iconic film, made an appearance on TikTok this week, delighting her queer fans.

Embeth Davidtz, now 55, played Matilda’s lovable teacher Miss Honey who took care of the young genius with supernatural abilities, played by bisexual actor Mara Wilson.

One LGBT+ Matilda fan posted a TikTok with the words: “My mum to me when I was younger: Why do you keep watching Matilda over and over again?”

In the video, the fan sang along to “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows, lip-syncing the words “I don’t know, well maybe I’m in love,” before pictures of Miss Honey filled the screen.

Charlotte Sloane, Davidtz’s 17-year-old daughter who has almost 10,000 TikTok followers, posted her own video duetting with the fan and featuring the real Miss Honey.

Queer fans took to social media to dub the rare glimpse of their childhood crush “the best thing to come out of 2020”, with one writing: “IS THAT F**KING MISS HONEY?”

One person wrote: “I could never tell if I wanted to marry her or be adopted by her. Miss Honey is definitely a queer awakening character.”

Miss Honey was definitely an early crush for me too,” said another. “I know this is a popular sentiment among queer women my age.”

One Twitter user explained that Miss Honey brought on two realisations for them: “How many girls realised they were queer/wanted to be teachers because of Miss Honey.”

Matilda star Mara Wilson explained why the film has so many queer fans – basically, because Miss Honey.

Bisexual Matilda star Mara Wilson, who came out in 2016, previously explained why she thinks queer women love the 1996 film so much.

Responding to a question from a fan on Twitter in 2018, she wrote: “It was one of the few children’s films to show a strong, resilient female character overcome adversity and a family that did not understand her to create her own family and her own happiness through hard work and friendship.

“Also, they all have crushes on Miss Honey.”