Trans woman left bloodied in sick attack at her table while enjoying a night out with her boyfriend

Anna Montgomery was beaten while she was enjoying drinks with her boyfriend in a bar. (Facebook)

A trans woman in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was hit in the face by a pub-goer while idly enjoying a drink with her boyfriend Saturday (26 September) in what authorities are treating as a hate crime.

Anna Montgomery, 20, explained in a Facebook post uploaded the day after she “never felt better” while spending the night in Bootleggers, a laid-back eatery in the city centre.

“While we were having a few drinks I was assaulted at my table,” she said.

“The top of my forehead was cut my nose was busted blood was all over my clothes. It was so sly and sneaky.

“I have never felt more humiliated in my whole life.”

A Police Service Northern Ireland spokesperson confirmed to Belfast Live that the incident is being treated by the agency as a hate crime.

Trans woman Anna Montgomery left bloodied and battered after bar drinks with boyfriend. 

Montgomery told the outlet: “I was out on Saturday night out with my boyfriend Jamie Girvan when I was assaulted.

“We’d arranged to get a meal and have a few drinks in town and had enjoyed a lovely evening. We’d just had a fantastic meal and met some absolutely amazing girls.

“But while we were having a few drinks I was assaulted at my table. I was suddenly hit in the face.

“There was a lot of blood over my face and my clothes and the top of my forehead was cut, my nose is very smashed up and I have a lot of bruising.”

Montgomery thanked the Bootleggers staffers for being supportive, as wel as her friends and loved ones.

She added in the social media post: “This same situation had happened with me before with my friends with a boy who just hit us all for absolutely no reason and was convicted of it.

“I truly have never felt my lowest than what I felt yesterday. It’s just so sad it’s the year 2020 and I am a trans woman getting assaulted for just being me!

“I feel sorry for the person who assaulted me! If you ever have children that ever turn out to be trans/gay/bisexual god help them!”