Drag Race royalty Peppermint and Bob the Drag Queen are here to tell you what Trump doesn’t want you to know

Peppermint next to a huge ballot paper

Drag Race legend, Broadway star and general icon Peppermint has just one thing to say: Vote.

More than 81 million people have already voted ahead of election day on November 3, pointing to potentially the highest turnout rate in more than century.

Joe Biden is leading in national polls, but so too was Hillary Clinton. It’s likely that the result will come down to a handful of swing states, many of which are currently too close to call.

The future of healthcare, LGBT+ rights, the economy, racial justice, the courts and pandemic recovery are all at stake. Which is why Peppermint wants you to make sure your voice is heard.

“It’s easy to feel powerless,” Peppermint told PinkNews. “But it’s important to know that we have an opportunity to use our vote and our voice.

“There are barriers for some people and some of those barriers are very difficult to get around. But it’s important, I believe, in order to get where we want to be again, that we check everything off on our personal to-do list. And one of those things is voting and participating.

“So I urge everyone who’s in the States to vote. I urge everyone in every place where there’s a democracy and you have the ability to vote, to vote, because the quickest way for them to remove your ability to vote is for you to not vote.”

Peppermint and Bob the Drag Queen have teamed up for “The Most Office”, a catchy PSA for those unsure about if or how they can vote.

“Voting ends November 3, but the election is right now,” Peppermint says in the music video.

Rules on early, postal and absentee voting differ by state, but regardless of what Donald Trump says, all are safe and important ways of participating in democracy.

And as Peppermint says int he video, it isn’t just the White House that’s at stake. As well as congressional races, there are local elections taking place for state senate, mayor, attorney general seats and more.

To find out information about your state, visit vote.org

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