Lil Nas X’s kaleidoscopic Super Bowl advert is here, it’s queer, and it features an eagerly-anticipated new bop

Lil Nas X appearing on Super Bowl ad for Logitech

The Lil Nas X Super Bowl advert is here and it’s fantastically queer.

Swiss computer maker Logitech has teased the Super Bowl advert ahead of its debut this Sunday (7 February) during the first quarter of the big game.

Lil Nas X narrates the minute-long spot, calling on those who “defy expectations, perceptions and misconceptions” to come out and be heard and seen.

It also features the first official snippet of his yet-to-be-released single “Montereo (Call Me By Your Name)” – a reference to the 2017 Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet gay drama.

The Lil Nas X Super Bowl 2021 advert features rainbows and drag performers as the star narrates: “We defy what logic says what we should look like, sound like, be like.

“We defy genres, algorithms and entire industries. 

“See we defy that little voice that says ‘Oh no you can’t’ with a roar back that says ‘Oh yes we will’. 

“Because to create the future, we must defy the logic of the past. We must defy logic.” 

The Super Bowl ad is a continuation of Logitech’s broader campaign focused on artists and activists of all kinds who are pushing boundaries in their respective fields. The 60-second spot also features visual artists YesYesNo, musician Yvette Young, makeup artist Kimberley Margarita, light artists NONOTAK and others, as Lil Nas X’s words are heard over the beats and guitars of the upcoming single.

In a statement on the collaboration, Lil Nas X said he got his “start posting my songs and videos on social media”, adding “it opened up the world to me”. He said: “Logitech and I both want to support creators who are not afraid to be themselves, who need to speak their mind and share their passion.”

Lil Nas X fans have been desperate for “Montereo (Call Me By Your Name)”.

Lil Nas X has been teasing “Montereo (Call Me By Your Name)” for over six months now, having initially posted a clip of the song on Twitter in July 2020. He told YouTube show Zach Sang show that the song is the “most anticipated single of mine”.

Lil Nas X said: “I’m just so excited for this. This song is probably my favourite as of right now of songs I’ve ever worked on. 

“It’s so expressive, it’s so vibrant, it’s so sexy. 

“It’s going to be a moment.”

This isn’t the first time the rapper slash country star has appeared in a Super Bowl ad. Last year, Lil Nas X appeared in an ad for Cool Ranch Doritos. 

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