Amazon Fire TV Stick: the best deals and apps you can stream including Now TV, Apple TV and Disney Plus

You can stream your favourite films and shows via the Fire TV Stick. (Amazon)

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a popular and affordable streaming device that is sure to up your binge-watching game.

It’s an ideal device to home all of your streaming services from Netflix to Disney Plus and the newly-added Now TV to Apple TV in one place – and it comes with an Alexa voice control remote.

The Fire TV Stick connects with the majority of television sets so once you’re set up you can search for any film or show and find the best platform to watch it from.

To find out everything you need to know about the Fire TV Stick including the different editions available read on below.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The original Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s most affordable device with a price of £29.99. You can connect it to any smart TV and stream in HD as well as use the Alexa voice controls via the remote. Users can access free streaming services including iPlayer, 4 On Demand and ITV Hub as well as download apps like YouTube and paid for subscriptions like Netflix.

If you’re after a deal on the Fire TV Stick then Amazon often cut the price dramatically during its Prime Day sale, which typically takes place in July, and of course during its Black Friday sales in November.

Amazon's Fire TV Stick is home to your favourite streaming apps. (Amazon)

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is home to your favourite streaming apps. (Amazon)

There’s also a newer version of the classic Fire TV Stick. The big difference between the two is that this one comes with TV controls so you can take over the likes of the power and volume buttons. This model, the third generation device, is priced at £39.99 from Amazon.

Amazon also released another version which on top of the TV controls comes with 4K Ultra HD viewing. It’s described as their most ‘powerful streaming media stick’ and it’s priced at £49.99 via Amazon here.

Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube comes with Alexa voice control. (Amazon)

The Fire TV Cube comes with Alexa voice control. (Amazon)

The Fire TV Cube is more similar to a Sky or Virgin set top box with added features. It combines the aspects of the Alexa Echo Dot but also connects to your TV like the Fire TV Stick. You can ask the Alexa voice control to switch channels, turn the TV on or off and play what you want to watch. You can also stream 4K ultra HD shows and films through the box and of course access your favourites on the likes of Disney Plus and Netflix.

This one is on the higher end of the price bracket, starting from £109 at the majority of retailers.

What apps can you get on the Fire TV Stick?

Once you’re set up you might be wondering what you can actually stream on the Fire TV Stick. There’s plenty of space to download your favourite apps including free streaming services BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and 4 On Demand.

Then, if you subscribe to the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hayu and Starz TV you can download them all to the device so all your streaming services are in one place. But you’ll still have to pay for them all separately.

Viewers can also access apps Apple TV+ which is home to Dickinson and The Morning Show and Now TV passes which are home to Sky shows like Euphoria and big release films.

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