Crazy Stupid Love star Lio Tipton proudly comes out as queer and non-binary

Lio Tipton

America’s Next Top Model star and Crazy, Stupid Love actor Lio Tipton has come out as queer and non-binary.

Tipton competed on cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model in 2008, placing third, and later went on to pursue acting.

On Thursday (3 June), they came out as queer and non-binary to their followers by posting a drawing of a robot in the colours of the non-binary Pride flag on Instagram, surrounded by pink and blue robots.

Tipton wrote: “Hi, my name is Lio. My pronouns are they/ them.

“I am proud to announce I am queer and I identify as non-binary.

“I hope to give as much love and support back to those who continue to show love and support for the Pride community at large. Lio.”


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Fans took to social media to congratulate the actor, who has appeared in episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Limitless.

One Instagram follower commented: “Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself with the world. You are a wonderful soul.”

Fans on Twitter were just as supportive, with one writing: “Lio Tipton, congrats on the journey to your identity! I support you 100 per cent!”

Tipton later posted a video to their Instagram story, and told their followers: “Thanks guys for the love and the support.”

Breaking down in tears, they joked: “Clearly didn’t affect me at all. Thank you.”

In the 2011 film Crazy, Stupid Love, Tipton played a teen babysitter who was in love with Steve Carell’s character Cal, and they landed their first lead role in the 2014 rom-com Two Night Stand.

Their other credits include The Green Hornet, zombie comedy Warm Bodies, thriller Lucy, Mississippi Grind and coming-of-age movie Summer Nights.

They have also branched out into music, and regularly post original songs to their Instagram.