Homophobic pastor doesn’t understand how the alphabet works, insists the Q in LGBTQ stands for ‘reQruits’

Scott Lively

Homophobic Massachusetts pastor Scott Lively has insisted we must “eschew the Q” in LGBTQ, because it stands for “reQruits”.

Lively, who has for decades made it his mission to oppose LGBT+ rights and is “devoting” his weekly World Net Daily columns to homophobia during Pride Month, has now apparently forgotten how the alphabet works, when he claimed in his latest article that the Q in LGBTQ stands for “reQruits”.

He declared this week: “Virtually every clear-thinking, freedom-loving person in the world recognises that the increasingly universal, increasingly mandatory celebration of same-sex attraction disorder is a kind of ideological tyranny.

“The smartest of them realise its ultimate goal is to impose groupthink upon humanity and criminalise dissent.”

But of all the letters in the acronym “LGBTQ”, Lively said, the “Q” should be by far the most offensive to “MAGA patriots of all stripes”.

The homophobic pastor said that because the “Q” stands for “questioning” (although it is commonly understood to stand for “queer”), means that it “designates a category best described as ‘prime candidates for recruitment into the LGBT army'”.

He added: “‘Q’ effectively stands for ‘reQruits’… a system for and emphasis on attracting new members.”

Lively said he feared that his fellow homophobes may actually play a part in “enlisting” people into the “LGBT army”… by writing the letter Q.

He continued: “To be clear, by ‘recruiting’ I primarily mean encouraging impressionable young people to experiment with same-sex conduct with each other.

“That is the implied and sometimes express purpose of adding Q to LGBT when used by advocates of sexual conduct outside of monogamous heterosexual marriage.

“And it is why I advise everyone who cares about the moral, emotional, physical and spiritual health of young people never to add ‘Q’ to LGBT when referencing the coalition of people with same-sex attraction disorder and/or gender-identity disorder.

“To do so enlists you in the recruitment process whether you intend it to or not.”

Scott Lively tried to ban the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality

Scott Lively has an extremely long history of spewing anti-LGBT+ hatred, and in the 1990s he was instrumental in creating a proposed measure to prohibit “all governments in Oregon” from using money or property to “promote, encourage or facilitate homosexuality”.

Later, he wrote his book The Pink Swastika, which blames gay people for the Holocaust, worked to promote Uganda’s now-defunct 2014 Anti-Homosexuality Act, and cheered on anti-gay legislation in Russia.

Earlier this year, Lively claimed that God removed Donald Trump from office because he wasn’t homophobic enough.

He said at the time: “If God had given him favour, nothing that mankind could have done could have removed him from that office.

“They tried for four years, and yet the one thing that he did during that time that would virtually guarantee God’s favour being removed was to put his own personal stamp of approval on behaviour that God condemns in the harshest possible terms in the Bible, which is specifically male homosexuality.”