Drag Race’s Tayce on her ‘special’ fashion range and who she’d go head-to-head with on All Stars

Tayce Nasty Gal

UK Hun? We’re not, because Drag Race UK icon Tayce is releasing a stunning, runway-ready collection with fashion brand Nasty Gal, which features some of her amazing catchphrases.

It drops online today (23 June) at nastygal.com, and talking to PinkNews she’s in a pretty celebratory mood, saying: “I’m ready to pop the champagne, pop the puss and let’s get on it.”

“It’s the full spectrum,” she adds. “I didn’t want the clothes to be put in one box at all and I think the collection is really showing that.”

From signing to Europe’s biggest modelling agency to fronting a Coca Cola campaign, the lip sync assassin of Drag Race UK season two doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.

The Nasty Gal range, which echoes Tayce’s signature style both in and out of drag, features pieces embellished with her iconic quotes – from smart blazers to leather jackets.

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The 60-piece collection is gender neutral which is important to Tayce who says: “I wanted it to be unisex so that anyone, any gender can wear it.

Tayce also appears across the campaign on social media and real-life billboards, both in-and-out of drag, which is worth celebrating as she says, “I don’t really think there’s a lot of brands doing that.”

She adds: “It’s normally just all girls on posters, so me being there rocking a women’s wear brand as a guy is pretty special.”

Tayce Nasty Gal

Tayce says the collection is gender neutral because she “didn’t want to be put into one box.” (Nasty Gal)

Nasty Gal has previously collaborated with some big names in the modelling world from Cara Delevingne to Em Rata, so the brand teaming up with a drag queen is another step into the mainstream for the art form.

Tayce notes the importance of this visibility saying: “This is another way of inspiring people – especially young people – I didn’t really have that role model that I am now to people.”

Representation was a big discussion on Drag Race after Tayce and fellow contestant Asttina Mandella, who is also Black, both chose Naomi Campbell for a British gay icon challenge.

The queens admitted in the episode that they had struggled to think of another Black Briton who would have fitted the challenge criteria which led to a conversation both on-and-off the show about the lack of representation in UK media.

Tayce tell us: “When I was young there wasn’t really a Welsh, black, queer person on Drag Race or anything like that. So to go from nothing to me starring in a brand campaign is pretty big!”

Tayce x Nasty Gal

Tayce appears in and out of drag across the campaign for the collection. (Nasty Gal)

The collection is priced between £4-£110 and features graphic tees, blazer dresses, power suits, lingerie and a vintage-inspired leather jacket that are runway ready.

Tayce says that “bitches are going to gag” at the capsule collection, with her favourite item being the graphic vests which feature her iconic phrases, “Absolute Hound” and “The cheek, the nerve, the audacity, the gall and the gumption.”

She adds: “Come on, that’s me through and through. I want to get a hundred of them and make a big fat gown out of them.”

It’s just one of the many boxes ticked for the drag star since competing on Drag Race UK earlier this year, which saw her place as runner-up alongside fellow icon Bimini. The crown went to Glaswegian queen Lawrence Chaney.

She has nothing but positive things to say about her time during and after the show saying: “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from the show and I’m happy to go on and continue to do great things.”

Tayce x Nasty Gal

Tayce appears in the campaign for the capsule collection in-and-out of drag. (Nasty Gal)

With All Stars 6 just around the corner and rumours swirling of an international edition of All Stars, fans will be desperate to see Tayce make a return to the competition.

On whether she’ll come back, she says: “Oh honey 100 percent! It will be no time soon though, I would want to wait a couple of years and go out and really sew my wild oats first, spread that seed, you know darling? The seed of talent, the seed of drama, the seed of conflama – all over!

“You can’t have me back straight away after a year, I’ve got to grow, learn, get better and then I’ll be back again.”

And which lip sync assassin would she like to go head-to-head with on her All Stars season? Well, she tells us it’d be between Aquaria, Shangela, Tatianna or Alyssa Edwards. And we would love to see it.

The Nasty Gal x Tayce collection is now available from nastygal.com.