‘Jake Gyllenhall bottomed for our sins’ and 23 other awesome LGBT+ t-shirt designs

TeePublic lgbt tshirts

TeePublic is home to thousands of custom apparel pieces including designs by LGBT+ artists.

From pun-filled artwork to statement tees, and from pop culture figures to NSFW designs there are plenty of talented artists to support.

Throughout Pride Month TeePublic highlighted independent LGBT+ artists to celebrate their unique, cute and quirky t-shirt designs.

Typically in June big name brands from Apple to Converse release collections to celebrate and support the LGBT+ community, often donating the proceeds to charities.

However, Pride Month is now over, but that doesn’t mean that LGBT+ people don’t need your pink pounds. If you’d prefer to spend your money on apparel created by LGBT+ artists then there are plenty of ways to do it with websites like TeePublic and Etsy.

Below we’ve put together a list of some of the amazing t-shirts you can get all year round, which are designed by LGBT+ artists.

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TeePublic lgbt t-shirts

These t-shirts have been designed by non-binary artist Micah on TeePublic. (TeePublic)

First up is non-binary artist Micah whose designs include a Pride rainbow t-shirt as well as one that reads “respect my existence or expect my resistance.” This is available with the lesbian, trans, asexual, bisexual, non binary or rainbow flags. Their store features a host of cute cartoon t-shirts from Moomin to Keith Haring-inspired designs, and you can shop them at TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

These t-shirts reference some pop culture moments including Marvel and Brokeback Mountain. (TeePublic)

These tees from store Meeakoopa reference some popular queer culture moments, from Jake Gyllenhaal bottoming in gay romance drama Brokeback Mountain to the more recent Marvel film Captain America, which led to many fans speculating that Bucky (Sebastian Stan) is bisexual and in love with Steve (Chris Evans). To shop the t-shirts and others from the store go to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

Robski Art’s store features some NSFW designs as well as camp and kitsch tees. (TeePublic)

These t-shirts are by Robski Art who’s bio reads “I design t-shirts aimed towards the LGBTIAQ+ community. Camp, kitsch and sometimes a lil sexy.” The graphics range from The Brady Bunch’s “Sure Jan” to jockstrap wearing men. This includes the “Queer as F**k” one above alongside the reference to the pink triangle and characters that wouldn’t look out of place on a Tom of Finland artwork. To shop all of the fun or NSFW shirts go to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

Two iconic t-shirt designs from store Perpetual Brunch. (TeePublic)

Next up is Perpetual Brunch who says “brunch all day, it should be a thing. I’m just an artist serving vibes where waffles ought to be.” Their store features an eclectic bunch of t-shirts from quotes including “Gaysian” to “Gay As Hell” and “No Wrong Way to Exist” alongside different Pride flag colours to “I was gay before vaccinated.” To shop them all head to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

This LGBT+ designer has a number of pieces supporting trans folk. (TeePublic)

These t-shirts are from store Sunshine & Revolt who scream trans rights with their collection of tees. This includes the colourful “Trans Rights are Human Rights” above and an iconic t-shirt that reads “Deadname Me & I’ll Identify As a Problem.” They also have tees that read “Comrade” in rainbow colours so there’s something for everyone in this list. To shop the range head to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

This designer references comic strip cartoons on their retro t-shirts. (TeePublic)

These t-shirts by Jenifer Prince take inspiration from retro comic strips but make them gayer, obviously. Some of their designs include a Carol-inspired tee, a sounds “Sounds Gay I’m In” quote, an “Isle of Lesbos” top, mermaids, witches and more. To shop the collection head to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

This designer has a number of politically-charged t-shirts on their TeePublic store. (TeePublic)

These designs from jbbrager are part of a wider collection of politically charged t-shirts. There’s one that reads “‘Mones Not Drones” in response to the money fuelled into warfare and leaving healthcare behind, particularly for trans people, while other tees reference discrimination against sex workers. To shop all of them head to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

These cute cartoon designs feature Marsha P Johnson and the inclusive Pride flag. (TeePublic)

These cute cartoon t-shirts from Queeries by Mikey feature some important messages including “Protect Queer Youth” and the inclusive Pride flag. Their store features pop culture figures and activists including Marsha P Johnson, John Waters, Divine and many different drag queens. To shop them all go to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

This LGBT+ designer uses unexpected queer icon Babadook on their shirts. (TeePublic)

What more do you want on a t-shirt than unexpected queer icon Babadook alongside the rainbow Pride flag? Well this store named Comfaus has you covered. They also design pun-ny shirts including “Pantastic”, “Non-Pienary” and “PANsexual” as well as colourful tees featuring pronouns with he/him, she/her and they/them ones to choose from. To shop the range go to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

This designer’s t-shirts are all about celebrating diverse bodies. (TeePublic)

This store named snakechub celebrates all body shapes with their collection of t-shirts. The minimalistic shirts feature graphics of nude bodies taking selfies, dancing and watering plants. To shop them all go to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

This designer asks “What Would Dolly Do?” because that’s a mantra to live by. (TeePublic)

These fun tees from Jason Lloyd Art read “WWDD” aka What Would Dolly Parton Do? and “Is He… You Know” alongside a limp wrist. These are the comedy shirts from the store but if you want something a little more NSFW then there’s plenty to choose from like “Semen Demon” and “Ruin Me” to name a few. To shop the t-shirts go to TeePublic.

TeePublic lgbt shirts

This LGBT+ designer has loads of cute Pride-ready t-shirts featuring dinosaurs. (TeePublic)

These cute dinosaur t-shirts from ehaswellart are among the animal themed designs available from the store. There’s also an All-Gay-Tor, Gay-zelle, Non-Bee-Nary and Liz-Bian ones available with graphics in the colours of the different Pride flags. To shop them all go to TeePublic.