Drag Race star Jan admits she and RuPaul ‘weren’t on the same page’

Jan and RuPaul

Drag Race’s Jan has admitted that she and RuPaul “weren’t on the same page” during All Stars.

In an interview with Nylon, Jan spoke about her recent elimination, saying that “it just wasn’t my day”.

Throughout the season Jan struggled to connect with the judges, who didn’t appear to buy her signature brand of pep.

She was eliminated after a girl group challenge which appeared to play to her strengths, considering she is in a real-life girl group with season 13 finalist Rosé.

She told Nylon: “It definitely sucks because when we found out that it was the girl-group challenge, I was like, ‘Oh great. Right up my alley. It’s going to be awesome. I’m not going home. Top six, here we come!’”

“But RuPaul said, ‘No, no, no, no sweetie. We have some other plans for the girls.’”

During critiques of Jan’s performance, RuPaul said that she “lacked soul”. Jan explained: “I mean, it is what it is. I just was not on the same page as the judges this time around.”

Jan admitted she found the judges’ critiques difficult to turn into actions.

“I’ve gotten the note of, ‘W need you to shine more’, and then it’s, ‘Oh wait, you’re trying to shine too much,'” she told Nylon. “It’s very difficult to try to navigate that.”

Jan was eliminate following All Stars‘ first-ever voting tie.

After the weeks’ winner, Trinity K Bonet, lost to lip-sync assassin Alexis Mateo, the latter pulled out two lipsticks: for both Jan and Pandora Boxx.

RuPaul announced that in the event of a tie, the power of elimination returned to Trinity, who voted to send Jan home.

She was followed a week later by Pandora, who said goodbye to the competition in Thursday’s (5 August) episode. But, there’s a good chance we’ll see both queens again when the fabled “game within a game” is revealed… who knows when.