Drag Race’s Trinity K Bonet calls ‘bulls**t’ on ‘bitter’ All Stars edit: ‘Shame on y’all’

Trinity K. Bonet competes in Drag Race All Stars' 'Drag Tots Eleganza' maxi challenge

Drag Race All Stars 6 queen Trinity K Bonet has set the record straight on the shady edit she received in this week’s episode.

RuPaul’s Drag Race wouldn’t be as beloved if it weren’t for the shady rattlesnake edits and werkroom drama we’ve all come to expect. But not everyone lives for the mess – notably, All Stars 6 contestant Trinity K Bonet.

On Thursday (August 19), after nine long weeks of suspense, the long-teased “game within a game” twist was finally revealed, with eliminated queens returning to lip sync for their Ru-demption.

The remaining queens – Trinity, Kylie Sonique Love, Ginger Minj and Ra’Jah O’Hara – watched the lip sync tournament with cocktails in hand, ad-libbing suitably hilarious reactions.

But at one point in the episode, Trinity appeared far from impressed by the prospect of the top four becoming a top five.

Drag Race fans were quick to point out her perceived lack of enthusiasm – with many calling it relatable.

After the episode aired, Trinity wanted to set the record straight.

“Halfway through the battle I got out of my funk and started to enjoy watching,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Because they filled us up with vodka! I was not p****d the entire time!”

In an extended caption, Trinity explained that she was “p**sed at first” because she was tired.

Her day began at 6am and dragged out until 11pm, when the remaining queens watched the lip-sync battle, she explained.

“You have no clue how long and hard that day was,” she continued, before clarifying she was happy for Silky and her winning streak. “The whole damn show I cheered them on, as one should!”

Trinity concluded that she was happy with the way the show – notorious for its shady editing – has presented her up until now – but not this time. “Y’all wait [until] now to make me look bitter [for] a whole episode,” she wrote. “Shame on y’all!”

Just a few hours later, she appeared to see the funny side. Alongside the hashtags #stilllearningtolaugh, #human and #stillp****dlol, she shared a hilarious meme, simply captioned: “Basically lmao”.


Drag Race fans loved Trinity K Bonet’s meme-worthy reactions

Despite the memes, this week’s Drag Race All Stars did show Trinity K Bonet – dressed in full pink cat regalia – eventually joining in on the viewing fun.

During Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s six lip-syncs, Trinity cracked jokes about the now-iconic moment she pulled basically an entire cocktail bar out of her leopard-print dress.

When Silky later emerged in a diamond-encrusted veil, Trinity quipped: “Now she’s just putting s**t on.”