Drag Race drops first part of season 14 premiere early – say hello to your new queens

Ahead of the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14 premiere, the first 10 minutes of the new episode have been released on YouTube.

The sneak peek introduces queens Alyssa Hunter, Bosco, Kornbread ‘The Snack’ Jeté, Willow Pill, Kerri Colby, June Jambalaya and Orion Story.

The contestants stand around after their distinctive grand entrances, ribbing one another. Bosco’s polka dot demonic outfit provokes a description from Alyssa of her as “an angry Minnie Mouse”.

Willow Pill’s blonde hair and Y2K-reminiscent look land her comparisons to icon Paris Hilton. However, her white flip flops have a less warm reception, earning gentle mockery from Kornbread.

The sounding of an early alarm, however, signals to the queens that this is a split premiere, with the queens’ arrivals divided over two episodes. 

“You better pop that p***y if you want to survive!” declares RuPaul. He also announces the first challenge, a “freaky photo shoot”, without giving away too many details.

You can watch the first 10 minutes of the Drag Race season 14 premiere – for free – below.

Among the queens yet to make an appearance is the show’s first cisgender, straight male queen. Maddy Morphosis, from Arkansas, has been forced to defend her spot on the show ever since she was announced.

Some critics hit out at the show for what they perceived as an encroachment on a queer safe space. However, Drag Race alumni have publicly declared their support for Maddy. 

“It’s cool!,” Brooke Lynn Hytes told PinkNews “I don’t care, is how I feel. I don’t care, drag is for everyone and if a straight guy wants to come into our world and do drag, I mean why not?”

“We can’t say we’re inclusive and then get mad when a straight person wants to do it. So I say more power to him. I also love all the memes about it, they’re hysterical. I hope he has a sense of humour and has been enjoying them as well. I wish him all the best, I think drag is for everyone so just let everyone do it.”

Gottmik, from the show’s last season, was Drag Race’s first trans man. They also slammed critics of Maddy’s casting, declaring that “drag is for everyone”.

The full episode will air Friday (7 January) on VH1 in the US, and will stream on WOW Presents Plus in the UK. New episodes will follow weekly.