Yorkshire firefighters stand up to homophobia with iconic viral TikTok

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service TikTok against homophobia

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service has responded to ignorant homophobia with a viral TikTok: “Fires don’t discriminate, neither do we.”

Earlier this month, the service posted social media content to celebrate LGBT+ History Month, but a short time later the bigoted comments began rolling in.

The response, firefighters made a second TikTok, reading out examples of the homophobia, completely deadpan, while dressed in rainbow outfits, waving flags, and popping party poppers.

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service TikTok against homophobia

(TikTok/ southyorkshirefire)

“Let’s see pictures of firefighters doing their job,” one employee says, while prying a toy cat out of a tree.

Standing next to the Pride flag displayed outside their fire station, another firefighter says: “It becomes political correctness when they post a pointless rainbow picture.”

One employee site behind a desk, rainbow flags poking out of his uniform, as he says: “I don’t know why you feel the need to celebrate.” Cue the confetti and party poppers.

The clips with intermingled with text, which read: “LGBT+ people still face prejudice at home and at work.

“We celebrate LGBT+ Pride in solidarity with all those we serve and employ.

“Fires don’t discriminate, neither do we.”

@southyorkshirefire Reply to @conoro2021 we couldn’t agree more #fireservice #lgbtqhistory ♬ original sound – southyorkshirefire

The TikTok now has been viewed more than 450,000 times.

One TikToker described it as “the most professional clap back ever”, while another said: “Man, the fire service is just superb, what a bunch of stand up people.”

The post may have inadvertently encouraged more LGBT+ people to change career, as one person responded: “I’ve been considering joining the fire service. Think this closes the deal.”

“This gives me hope as a trans man who’s currently signing up to be a fire cadet,” said another commenter.

But of course, there was no avoiding the homophobes that just wouldn’t give up.

One comment read: “I hope this wasn’t made with fire service funds, that’s not what they’re for. Why can’t we keep the yays and nays out of our professional services?”

Thankfully, the “professional clap backs” kept coming.

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service responded: “A fire service spokesperson said: ‘Yes, this was made using fire service funds’.”