First trailer drops for Auli’i Cravalho’s queer teen rom-com Crush – and it looks incredible

Side by side stills from the Hulu film crush starring Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho and Isabella Ferreira

Hulu has released the first trailer for its new teen film Crush, and it’s absolutely everything you could ever want from a queer rom-com. 

Crush follows a young, shy artist named Paige (Rowan Blanchard) with an unrequited crush on another teen Gabriella (Isabella Ferreira). Paige dreams of getting into art school and uses her feelings for Gabriella as part of her college application, which requires her to illustrate her “happiest moment”. 

Even Paige’s best friend Dylan (Tyler Alvarez), who she calls her “platonic soulmate”, pleads with her to give up on Gabriella, saying there are “plenty of other queer options out there for you to date”. 

Paige decides it’s time to make her move and somehow ends up being forced to join her high school track team. But not one to give up, she decides it’s a great opportunity for her to try to win her crush’s heart.

But Paige soon finds herself falling for AJ (Auli’i Cravalho), who turns out to be Gabriella’s sister. Paige’s masterplan soon backfires as she realises that she has feelings for both sisters – can you say drama – and tries to discover where her true feelings lie. 

The Crush trailer is filled with adorable, awkward queer moments that will just punch fans right in the feels. 

Like when Gabriella asks Paige if she’s “coming out” to track tryouts later, the artist fumbles and nervously blurts out that she’s actually been openly gay for a while. In her words, she’s “extremely gay”. 

And of course, there are loads of iconic moments featuring queens Megan Mullally, who plays Paige’s wacky mum, and Michelle Buteau as the teen’s guidance counsellor. 

Mullally’s character often quips that her child needs to loosen up and even jokingly tells her that they have a family rule of “no edibles before school”. She even stumbles upon her daughter’s “sex toy” and decides to lecture Paige about how it is “too small” so it “could totally get lost up there”. 

“Well, that’s an eraser so that’s not gonna go up there,” Paige responds. 

“Anything’s possible,” her mum remarks. 

Buteau’s character drops a dad-joke-worthy line about how it is “root vegetable season” because it’s “turn up time” – which is both cringe and totally what a high school guidance counsellor would say. 

Of course, it also wouldn’t be a queer rom-com unless the main protagonist learns a life lesson, and the trailer hints that Paige’s journey is uniquely tied to both her artistic ambition as well as her love life. 

“I’m learning that when it comes to art, you can’t force it,” Paige admits at the end of the trailer. “It’s a lot like love.”

Crush is the feature-length directorial debut from Sammi Cohen and was produced by Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne – so you know it’s going to be good. 

Mark your calendars because Crush premieres on Hulu on 29 April.