Drag Race’s Jinkx Monsoon finally explains iconic but baffling All Stars joke

Drag queen Jinkx Monsoon portrays Judy Garland in a Snatch Game during Drag Race All Stars 7

Jinkx Monsoon has finally cleared up why she jokingly called RuPaul “broom” in her iconic All Stars 7 Snatch Game performance.

Jinkx left fans gagged after her amazing embodiment of the Wizard of Oz star and gay icon Judy Garland in All Stars 7’s Snatch Game. Fans instantly fell in love with the performance, but some were left a bit confused after Jinkx began one of her answers by calling RuPaul “Broom”. 

The All Stars 7 winner revealed on Vulture’s Good One podcast that she didn’t intend for the joke to be make sense to anyone else besides Alyssa Edwards and Alaska – her fellow Drag Race season five contestants. 

“Alaska and I were constantly doing impressions of Alyssa Edwards’ [Snatch Game] impersonation of Katy Perry that was so baffling that we couldn’t help but just make a whole character based on just that impression,” Jinkx said. 

She continued: “Alyssa Edwards’ voice is already extremely unique, and then her voice trying to do Katy Perry was just more Alyssa than even Alyssa normally talks.

“We kept joking that – as Katy Perry – when Ru asks Alyssa,’’Have you ever kissed a girl?’ and Alyssa went, ‘Ru, never!’ [it became] ‘Bru’, and then it just devolved into ‘Broom, neber’, so when I called Ru ‘Broom’, it was the tiniest little Easter egg, pretty much just for Alaska.”


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Fans adored Jinkx Monsoon’s Snatch Game performance with many calling it the best of all-time. But Jinkx told E! News that she didn’t anticipate it “getting the amount of attention that it did”, and she had a “hard time accepting compliments” on her comedy prowess. 

“I definitely am not complaining about it,” Jinkx said. “I have a hard time accepting compliments and praise, so there’s a part of me that’s really happy it was well-received and another part that’s ready to move on to the next thing.”

The Drag Race legend felt the fact her performance was so well received “stands to show that [the LGBTQ+ community still has] a love of queer history”.

“We still have a love of the past,” Jinkx said. “We can still keep certain icons and memories alive. We can keep them in the contemporary world.”

Jinkx Monsoon’s nod to her Drag Race season five friends wasn’t the only Easter egg in her Judy Garland performance. She also paid tribute to her season five makeover subject, veteran soldier Dave Lara, who self-proclaimed that he had a role in Garland’s death. 

During her All Stars 7 Snatch Game, Jinkx-as-Judy directly addressed Lara and told him he was “not responsible” for the late Wizard of Oz star’s death. 

Lara later told EW that he was “seriously touched” that Jinkx would “do that shout-out”, and he “loved the way the judges and everybody were cracking up” at the moment.