Anti-LGBTQ+ singer Kim Burrell claims Jamie Foxx defended her to Ellen DeGeneres

Anti-LGBTQ+ gospel singer Kim Burrell claims Oscar winner Jamie Foxx once defended her views to Ellen DeGeneres, after she was removed from a planned slot on the host’s US talk show.

Burrell’s planned appearance on The Ellen Show was cancelled after she stirred controversy in late 2016 for videos of her making homophobic remarks in a sermon.

In the speech, which resurfaced during late 2016, she speaks about the “perverted homosexual spirit”. She was subsequently axed from her scheduled interview on The Ellen Show after Ellen called her words “not nice”.

Speaking on her show, Ellen said: “I didn’t feel that was good of me to have her on the show to give her a platform after she was saying things about me.”

Kim Burrell performing on ‘Today’ (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

On The Tamron Hall Show, Burrell revealed that Jamie Foxx defended her to Ellen, saying that the decision to cancel Burrell’s interview was wrong.

“I can be criticised for it, I can be so-called ‘canceled‘ for it, no one has reported that my friend Jamie Foxx felt the need to call Ellen and say, ‘You got this one wrong. She has been more to our community than what the world is willing to see, and we don’t think that the extreme of canceling her from a show was a proper response compared to what she’s done for our community.'”

Burrell also says the LGBTQ+ community did not ‘respond in love’ by thinking that she was deliberately trying to hurt them.

“No one has ever interviewed me about what it is I’m offended by and why should it matter. A reaction from a community that says, ‘We’re extreme on love,’ didn’t respond in love, in thinking that I was being deliberate to hurt.

“Truth hurts. I was standing there preaching what I know is the truth.”

Kim Burrell says Jamie Foxx defended her to Ellen (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

At the time Yolanda Adams, a fellow singer, denounced Burrell’s words as an “unwarranted and unproven attack”.

Burrell also spoke about Adams’s post on The Tamron Hall Show.

“I was disappointed, because we’ve all shared the same stage, back rooms, and green rooms, and some of their public display in conversation is somewhat opposite of what it is behind stage.

“I would’ve much preferred Yolanda Adams to pick up the cell phone and say, ‘Hey, I have a career to save, and I can’t agree with your stance right now, I need to say something different to my public.’ I would’ve preferred that.”

Ellen has recently been called out herself for being “insanely manipulative” by former child star Greyson Chance and Rosie O’Donnell said that she once “hurt her feelings”.