Russell T Davies ‘predicted’ Liz Truss’ Tory conference appearance: ‘This is getting weird’

Russell T Davies (left) and Liz Truss (right).

Russell T Davies has channelled his inner soothsayer once again after eerily predicting Truss’ Tory conference speech outfit.

The 59-year-old writer, director, and apparent clairvoyant predicted much of Truss’ presentation in his 2019 mini-series Years & Years, which sees Britain descend into political chaos over the course of the near future.

The comparison was initially made in August by Newsnight journalist Emily Maitlis, who tweeted saying: “Just realised that once again [Russell T Davies] has beaten us to it…”

Her post compared fictional leader Vivienne Alisson ‘Viv’ Rook, who rises to power under the newly formed “Four Star Party,” and a visually similar photo of the prime minister.

But the juxtaposition became even more striking after Truss’ Tory Pary conference speech on Wednesday (5 October), when Davies pointed out that the Tory leader was effectively wearing the exact same red blazer as Rook, saying in an Instagram post: “This is getting weird.”


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Social media users took to both Twitter and Instagram to express their shock at the accuracy of Davies’ six-part drama, saying: “I knew you were a witch, Russell!!”

Another said: “Quick Russell, write something where everything turns out okay!”

Visual comparisons aren’t the only things shocking fans of the political thriller, as the pre-pandemic drama predicted a global recession and a pandemic that both affect the family in the show.

thankfully, Davies did fail to predict a nuclear strike ordered by former US president Donald Trump against the artificial Chinese island of Hong Sha Dao and was ever so slightly off with Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Other users hoped that the comparison stopped there, especially considering the bleak destination in which the show ends up, with one estimating that “we’re on about episode two at present.”

“I hope he hasn’t [predicted the future] regarding much of the rest of the story,” one wrote, while another said: “I’ve been saying this for ages. We are living in Years and Years.”

Russell T Davies to return as Doctor Who showrunner

Aside from seemingly having the ability to predict next week’s lottery numbers, Russell T Davies has spent much of his time working on the new series of Doctor Who after returning as showrunner.

His return was announced on Twitter in 2021 by the Doctor Who Twitter page, which said he will “return as Doctor Who showrunner to celebrate the 60th anniversary in 2023, and series beyond.

“BBC Studios are partnering with Bad Wolf to produce.”

Hopefully, Russell’s next prediction is the appearance of a renegade Time Lord in a blue box to come and save the day, although the ensuing alien invasion probably won’t help things.