Stephen Fry trolls Conservative Party as Rishi Sunak to become third prime minister in three months

Stephen Fry

National treasure Stephen Fry has extended his sympathies to the editors of Wikipedia after Rishi Sunak won yet another Tory leadership contest.

In a year when ‘once-a-decade’ events seem to be happening once-a-week, not least due to the fractured Conservative Party, Sunak has been named as the next prime minister, taking over from Liz Truss after she resigned last week.

Posting on Twitter before Sunak beat his rival Penny Mordaunt in the leadership race, Fry posted a screenshot of the Wikipedia page entitled: “October 2022 United Kingdom Government Crisis.”

His caption reads: “Those poor old Wikipedia editors must be exhausted…”

Fry’s caption is – of course – referencing the ever increasing speed at which crisis after crisis keeps occurring within government; Boris Johnson resigned in July after allegations over Partygate and the Chris Pincher groping scandal.

Then, after a leadership campaign that lasted longer than her premiership, Liz Truss assumed the role for just 45 days before resigning. Sunak’s victory against Mordaunt for Tory leadership marks the Conservative Party’s third prime minister in as many months.

Calls have been made for a general election by both the Labour Party and an overwhelming majority of the general public.

For anyone confused, there is a helpful note on the page that Stephen Fry screen-shotted, saying: “This article is about the Truss government crisis. For the Johnson government crisis, see July 2022 United Kingdom government crisis.”

The note on that page says: “Not to be confused with October 2022 United Kingdom government crisis.”

On Sunday night (23 October), Boris Johnson pulled out of the leadership race, concluding that it was “not the right time” for him to lead the party.

Penny Mordaunt, the only other contender, conceded the race moments before the deadline for securing nominations from other MPs, having been unable to reach the required 100. This left Sunak as the only contender.

He will become prime minister Tuesday afternoon (25 October) after visiting the King.