Gay Bake Off contestant Janusz secretly wore Pride flag in every episode: ‘I did it!’

A screenshot of Great British Bake Off contestant Janusz's Twitter post showing him split up into coloured strips that go to make up the Progress Pride flag. (Janusz/Twitter/Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) contestant Janusz Domagala has won viewers’ hearts once more by revealing he wore a colour of the Progress Pride flag each week he was on the show.

The openly gay Polish baker from East Sussex was already popular for his kind nature and brilliant baking.

But after being eliminated in the semi-final he revealed in a touching Twitter post that he still had one last trick up his sleeve.

First, he posted an image of his outfit every week since the beginning of the show, with the colours adding up to create the Progress Pride flag in all its glory. 

The beloved baker made sure that, alongside the traditional colours, the trans flag and inclusion of queer PoC were part of the flag lineup. 

He then posted a heartfelt message, which reads: “I DID IT! Being chubby, gay and the first Polish national contestant on GBBO I knew I had a lot to represent walking into the tent. 

“I want to do this by being myself but also set myself a little challenge to wear a colour of the pride flag each week and hope that I could tick them all off!

“I love being able to be a part of so many different communities and Great Britain is a home that’s allowed me to do that.

“Thank you SO much for taking me in and embracing me and for the love, support and fun over the last 9 weeks. 

“And thank you to every person who was in that tent on and behind the camera with me who became family! Janusz has left the tent.”

Of course, fans flocked to show their huge love and appreciation for the representation and allyship brought to this season and how sorely he will be missed. 

“Do not underestimate how important it was to see an openly queer polish bloke on the telly. I’m proud of you Janusz, thank you so much,” one person wrote. 

Another pointed out the beauty of seeing Janusz’ friendship with fellow gay contestant Sandro, writing: “We don’t often see gay friendships on our screens. A little bit of queer joy each week!”

But mostly everyone was just really sad to see Janusz leave the tent. “Your bakes are wonderful but also you were so kind and happy to help your buddies when it was needed,” one person replied to Janusz. 

While another added: “You were a ray of joy representing the LGBT community. Not only technically an amazing baker but a fabulous one.”

While another person perfectly summed it up, simply writing: “Iconic king!!”

GBBO has a proud history of showcasing some of the most wholesome queer reality contestants on British TV and Janusz very definitely joins the list. 

The Great British Bake Off finale will air on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 15 November at 8pm.