12 amazing gifts featuring the pansexual Pride flag colours

You can get some awesome gifts featuring the pansexual flag colours.

National Pansexual and Panromantic Pride Day (8 December) is an annual celebration of the community.

The day recognises, celebrates and brings visibility to those who identify as pansexual and panromantic.

If you’re pansexual or have someone in your life that is, then you can get some amazing gifts that rep the pan Pride flag colours.

Since it was created a decade ago, the pansexual flag has increasingly been used by independent artists and bigger companies as part as merch designs.

The flag is pink, yellow and blue and it was created by Twitter user @eviejasper back in 2010 as they realised pansexuality “felt right for how I wanted to relate to and express my orientation”.

Jasper says they created the flag because: “There was no popular pan flag, and the offerings were frankly… ugly. To me. Various shades of purple, P letters, P symbols incorporating gender symbols, infinity symbols. They didn’t feel consistent with the other Pride flags.

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“So, on a whim, I decided to design one. I designed it to be pretty, honestly. That was a primary function of it, to have s/t I liked to represent my identity. No point pretending I was trying to be super innovative and deep: I wanted something pretty to plaster on my blog.”

The pink and blue were chosen “because of their gendered traditions”, while the yellow was chosen to represent non-binary people as it is traditionally a non-gendered colour.

The flag has since been fully embraced by the pansexual community, with Jasper saying: “The first time I saw a pansexual flag in real life at my city’s Pride parade I may have had a little cry.”.

Now the pansexual flag is featured on loads of different products including T-shirts, pins, patches, bracelets, phone cases and more.

We’ve put together some amazing gifts you can get for yourself or for the pansexual person in your life; you can check out the list below.

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A phone case with a pansexual flag design.
A phone case with a pansexual flag design.

This pansexual flag phone case is available for iPhone and Samsung models from the PinkNews shop. This gift features a cute planet with the pink, yellow and blue colours and is one of many pansexual-themed phone covers that you can get, other designs include a heart phone case and retro flag design. To shop the collection head to the PinkNews store here.

You can get this cute pin featuring the pansexual flag. (Etsy/ThePrideShopUK)

This Etsy store, The Pride Shop UK has loads of different pins featuring the colours of the many flags including the pansexual one. The rainbow pin is priced at £4.25 here and you can wear it with pride, while the design is also available in a heart shape and flag shape.

A pansexual t-shirt. (Etsy/MerchMonkeyShop)

This t-shirt features the slogan “I’m pansexual so I’m nervous around everyone”, if you feel seen by this t-shirt then you need to get it. It’s designed in the colours of the pan flag and is available on a black, grey or white background from Etsy here.

A wrist band and hair tie featuring the colours of the flag. (StarchasersUK)

You can get this pack of three bands which can be used as hair ties or bracelets, with the latter perfect for helping with anxiety as the elastic can keep you distracted during stressful moments. They also, of course, feature the pansexual colours and you can get the set from Etsy here.

A pansexual heart mug from the PinkNews store.

Another item you can get from the PinkNews shop is this pansexual heart mug. It’s the perfect way to start your day with a tea or coffee while repping your flag. This is priced at £10.79 and you can get it here.

A pair of laces and matching lock with the pansexual flag colours. (ThePinPrick)

You can get these laces and matching lock for your shoes which feature the pansexual flag colours. The Etsy seller says: “I didn’t like the fussy designs of many Pride shoelaces out there, and deeply wanted to create something with a much more streamlined look.” They’re available from £20.99 and you can get them here.

A pansexual heart patch beanie. (LunaNQ)

This beanie has been elevated with a pansexual flag heart patch. It’s available in black, lilac, pink or mustard and the patches are hand sewn on by the seller. It’s priced at £10, and you can get it from Etsy here.

A space-themed t-shirt in the pan flag colours. (Etsy/TextTeeCo)

This cute t-shirt features a space design in the blue, pink and yellow colours of the pan flag. It’s perfect if you want to make a subtle statement and still rep your Pride. It’s available in a number of different colours and sizes from Etsy here.

A necklace featuring the pansexual flag colours. (Amazon)

You can get this cute heart necklace which features the flag colours; a perfect gift for the pansexual in your life. It’s priced at £5 from Amazon so it’s pretty affordable, plus you can also get matching earrings, bracelet and more. Go to Amazon here to find out more.

A cute knitted octopus with the pansexual flag colours. (JustBeeYourselfCraft)

An Etsy seller has made these crocheted octopuses using the different Pride flag colours, including the pansexual pink, yellow and blue. They’re a best seller on the website and you can get the pansexual octopus for £5 here.

A pansexual flag lanyard. (ThePinPrick)

And finally, you can get this lanyard featuring the pansexual flag colours for your workplace or to hold your ID. It features the pan colours on one side and a discreet gradient stripe of the matching pride colours on the reverse. It’s priced at £6.99 and available from Etsy here.

A t-shirt featuring a pan Pride flag.

This simple but effective t-shirt features a mini pansexual Pride flag on the chest and it’s available to buy from the PinkNews shop. It’s also available in grey, black and blue. Plus you can also get a hoodie featuring the pan heart graphic from the online shop.