Gay nephew schools Republican aunt who cried while rallying against same-sex marriage bill

A split image of Republican politician Vicky Hartzler on the left, in a purple suit, and an image of Andrew Hartzler on the right.

The gay nephew of Republican Vicky Hartzler has blasted her for crying during an anti-LGBTQ+ speech.

Andrew Hartzler posted a video to TikTok on Friday (9 December) where he criticised his aunt for her speech against codifying same-sex marriage.

The Missouri state representative came close to tears during a speech against the Respect for Marriage Act where she urged members to vote against the bill.

Her nephew joined the overwhelming response to the speech, saying: “My aunt Vicky started crying because gay people like me can get married.

“Despite coming out to my aunt this past February, I guess she’s still just as much as a homophobe,” he said.

a clip then played of the politician claiming that the landmark case which legalised same-sex marriage across the entirety of the US is “not in danger,” but that people and institutions of faith are somehow under attack.

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Vicky Hartzler, wearing a dark red coat, reaches into her bag while looking to the right, a tall older man stands behind her with a pink tie.
Vicky Hartzler came close to tears after making a vehemently anti-LGBTQ+ speech in Congress. (Getty)

The Respect for Marriage Act primarily aims to codify same-sex marriage by repealing currently dormant homophobic legislation that would be reinstated if Obergefell v Hodges was repealed by the Supreme Court.

“Aunt Vicky, that’s not right,” Andrew Hartzler continued. “Institutions of faith like religious universities are not being silenced.

“They’re being empowered by the US government to discriminate against tens of thousands of LGBTQ+ students because of religious exemptions, but they still receive federal funding.”

Another clip of Vicky Hartzler’s speech – which appeared to be built on a foundation of ‘what-ifs’ and emotional hunches – saw her accuse the bill’s proponents of forcing individuals to “submit to our ideology or be silenced.”

But, as her nephew expertly pointed out, this is far from the truth.

“It’s more like you want the power to force your religious beliefs onto everyone else and because you don’t have that power, you feel like you’re being silenced.

“But, you’re not,” he continued.

“You’re just going to have to learn to coexist with all of us.”

Andrew Hartzler commended for ‘powerful’ video

The clip saw a positive response from viewers, who both commended Andrew for his rebuttal, while offering sympathies that such a “well-spoken” person would have an aunt like Vicky Hartzler.

“Thank you for making this video,” activist Josh Helfgott wrote in a response to the TikTok clip. “So powerful and important.”

Other replies read: “I’m so sorry that you have to cope with this within your family. Know that you have allies everywhere.”

Speaking to People, Andrew said that, upon seeing the video, he initially thought that the tears were meant for him.

“I still don’t know why she has such negative outlooks or perceptions of gay people,” he continued. “Negative rhetoric spread by the religious right demonises LGBTQ+ people and basically turns their following completely against them.”

Andrew, who has also struggled with accepting his own sexuality, and has undergone so-called conversion therapy, said his aunt’s speech against LGBTQ+ marriage equality could be harmful for queer Americans.

“Wherever there’s hate,” he continued. “You gotta put out love to cover it up.”