Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of this affordable ‘liquid gold’ skincare product

Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of this affordable skincare product.

Model Emily Ratajkowski’s skincare routine features this serum that’s been described as ‘liquid gold’.

The snail mucin serum is from brand CORSX is used to repair dry skin and fans will be surprised to know it won’t break the bank.

The CORSX Snail Mucin Serum is priced just over £10 and is available to buy from Amazon.

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Back in 2020 she told InStyle: “My skin freaked out at the beginning of quarantine.”

She went on to tell fans that her saving grace for her skincare routine was the snail mucin toner from the brand CORSX.

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Emily Ratajkowski skincare routine
Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of this serum which helps dry skin. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images & Amazon)

For those who don’t know, snail mucin has many benefits, and Emily Ratajkowski’s highly concentrated choice can diminish the appearance of pores, heal scars, and brighten complexion.

According to the brand it should be applied during your day and night skincare routine, after cleansing and toning, with patting it into the skin being the best way to absorb it.

The product has had more than 23,000 reviews on Amazon, with plenty of people giving it a five-star rating.

One shopper described it as “magic” and said the product has “added moisture and hydration to my skin from the first use”.

Another called it “liquid gold” telling other shoppers to “buy this if you want to glisten like the sun”.

Somebody else said: “Absolutely love this product. Really lightweight and moisturising without being greasy and is very gentle on my sensitive skin.”

Others said “there’s not smell to it” and it “saved my dry skin during a cold”.

To shop the CORSX Snail Mucin Serum to replicate Emily Ratajkowski’s skincare routine head to Amazon.

Emily Ratajkowski ‘doesn’t believe in straight people’

Last year the model appeared to come out as bisexual in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Speaking to publication she was asked about a TikTok video that she posted which would imply that she was bisexual; the trend involved an original user asking: “You identify as bisexual… do you own a green velvet couch?”

In Ratajkowski’s TikTok, she reacts to the video, panning her camera to her green velvet couch with a knowing smirk.

During her interview, Ratajkowski was asked if the video was rooted in truth, to which she replied: “I think sexuality is on a sliding scale. I don’t really believe in straight people.

“My girlfriend came over and was like, ‘Bitch, have you seen the green-couch thing?’ She was laughing at me because my green couch is so big.”

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