Drew Barrymore kneels before trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney and fans are in love: ‘The world needs this’

Dylan Mulvaney holds hands with Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Drew Barrymore fans are praising the actress for her compassion while talking to trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney about the hatred she faces.

In one of the The Drew Barrymore Show’s most heart-warming interviews, the pair sat down on the floor to discuss how they both get through seeing negative comments.

After Barrymore asked Mulvaney how she manages to deal with the onslaught of online hatred, Mulvaney responded: “There’s so much hatred directed at the trans community right now, it’s everywhere.

“I think the greatest weapon that I can contribute is trans joy and comedy and talking about hard subjects, and really intricate moments of a transition, and try to let everybody in to see that I’m not a monster. I’m not somebody that is trying to do anything but be myself.”

Mulvaney, 26, continued by sharing that she gets by with the help of her chosen family. She said she also makes sure she doesn’t “put something out there” before she’s ready – words of wisdom she received thanks to fellow trans icon Laverne Cox.

Charlie’s Angels star Barrymore, 48, thanked the audience for their vocal support of Mulvaney, before discussing how she deals with her own experiences of hateful comments.

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“It’s interesting cause I look at someone like you, and I can’t imagine anyone disliking you,” Mulvaney told Barrymore. In response, the actress grabbed Mulvaney’s hands and knelt down on the floor in front of her.

Barrymore explained that she dislikes herself “the most sometimes,” with Mulvaney responding: “Oh, me too,” and sliding down onto the floor next to her. In an adorable moment, the pair hugged each other, and continued to talk about how they overcome negativity while holding each other’s hands.

While fans are heaping praise on Barrymore for showing tolerance and compassion, bigots have been sent into a furious spiral.

“It’s crazy how Drew Barrymore is being mocked for showing compassion for a transgender woman on her show,” one person shared on social media. “Drew has always shown compassion for people and I love her for it. Also transgender rights are human rights. And protect transgender kids.”

“To the ignorant, hateful people attacking Drew Barrymore because she had Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender woman and activist on her show, and showed compassion and love towards her, your children are watching,” wrote another.

A third said: “I love what Drew Barrymore has brought to her talk show and it was lovely to see her and Dylan Mulvaney chatting on her show. These two are just big bright balls of positive energy.”

Drew has been widely praised for her interview style on The Drew Barrymore Show, as she listens intently to her guests and goes out of her way to make them feel comfortable.

Viewers have praised her for helming a new direction for talk shows, in the wake of controversies behind the scenes on shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Mulvaney, meanwhile, has been vocal in spreading trans joy and taking on anti-LGBTQ+ hatred following Tennessee’s vile drag ban.

The social media star is also working to educate the masses on the realities of living as a trans woman, from opening up about her facial feminisation surgery to discussing what it’s like dating as a trans woman.

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