Dylan Mulvaney gets candid about dating as a trans woman: ‘Why is no one in the DMs?’

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney wears bold pink look at Queries 2023 awards. (Getty)

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney is ready to hit the dating scene after publically documenting her journey as a trans woman for the past year.

Since beginning their Days of Girlhood podcast series, Mulvaney has amassed almost 11 million followers, visited the White House to discuss trans rights and wowed onlookers by wearing a stunning red gown at the Grammys.

And now, they are ready for their first kiss as a trans woman, telling People: “I’m getting a little impatient because, especially when you’re feeling yourself and even looking at that Grammys picture, I’m like, ‘That’s somebody who should not be single.’

“But then you’re like, wait, why is no one in the DMs?”

They added: “I very much feel like I get a do-over as far as some of those negative experiences that I have had romantically. And I want to do it right this time.”

The influencer is no stranger to sharing their personal life online, getting intimate about their facial feminisation surgery, and even being warned about sharing too much by trans actor, Laverne Cox.

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And they see how it can be a barrier in dating. “I’ve gotten on these apps now,” they explained, “and I think there’s something daunting about the fact that I am so public about my life.”

Despite the hate they have received from bigots and trolls online, they are planning an in-person celebration on 13 March for the first anniversary of their podcast series, with proceeds going to LGBTQ+ youth charity, The Trevor Project.

“[There will be] a special little ‘Dylan does dating’ moment at the show, fans shouldn’t expect a relationship ‘hard launch’,” Mulvaney continued.

“We’re working towards that. I can’t wait for the day [when] I get to show people that a trans person can be in a healthy, happy relationship.”

As for who their ideal person is, Mulvaney said: “I really want somebody to make me laugh because so much of starting to succeed and have these great things come has been a little serious at times, having to put this businesswoman hat on.

“But I think once I do meet that person [who] can add some levity, add some lightness to my life – and I know I can make them laugh in the same way – that is going to be chef’s kiss.”

Mulvaney wants the simple things in life, to “walk in the door, drop my bags and just [lie] with somebody on the couch or have somebody else cook dinner for once”.

But once they find their special person, some things will become more private: “I don’t want to be airing all my relationship dirty laundry, à la Carrie Bradshaw,” they joked.

Mulvaney is currently on a high after winning the ground-breaker award at the Queerties and celebrating a moment of “trans joy [in the] hell-scape” of 2023.

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