Drew Barrymore recreating M3GAN’s viral dance is the best thing you’ll see on the internet today

Screenshots from The Drew Barrymore Show depicting host Drew Barrymore dressed as killer doll M3GAN

Actress and pure soul on this earth Drew Barrymore proved she’s the gift that keeps on giving when she dressed up as killer doll M3GAN to interview Allison Williams on her talk show.

In a preview for today’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show (25 January), host Barrymore is seen taking on the doll’s now-iconic dance routine.

The Charlie’s Angels star dons M3GAN’s signature wig and brown dress, complete with bright blue contacts for the full murderous dolly effect.

In the clip, Williams, who plays M3GAN’s creator Gemma, challenges Barrymore to enact her best impression of the doll by asking if she can “run, but on all fours”.

“Well, I don’t know, you programmed me. Let’s see if I can,” Barrymore responds in her best AI voice, before hurtling across the stage floor.

Staying in character, Barrymore then proceeds to question Williams on the film’s success and even launches into M3GAN’s viral dance routine. 

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In another behind-the-scenes clip, she gives the dance routine another whirl in front of The Drew Barrymore Show’s co-host and RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Ross Matthews.

It’s all gloriously unhinged in a way that only Drew Barrymore can truly make work.

M3GAN became a certified gay icon long before the film was released earlier this month, thanks to her hilarious acrobatic dance moves, villainous streak and interesting celebrity inspirations.

Barrymore, meanwhile, is one of the original scream queens thanks to her short but legendary performance as Casey Becker in Scream, and has most recently appeared in Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Frolicking in the Rain’.

A crossover between the two gay favourites was always going to get a big thumbs up from the internet.

“Drew Barrymore dressing up as M3GAN to interview Allison Williams is why she deserves all the Emmys,” one person wrote.

“This is an undeniable slay from Drew,” another declared.

Some fans have gone as far as to call for Barrymore to make a cameo in the film’s sequel M3GAN 2.

“Please put Drew Barrymore as a malfunctioning adult M3GAN in MEG4N, I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense,” one person demanded.

Another added: “Put Drew Barrymore in M3gan 2.0 I’m so serious.”

DR3W BARRYMOR3 coming to cinemas soon, we hope.

While Barrymore’s talk show is only a few years old, the actress has already been crowned the ultimate queen of hosting, and her stint as M3GAN is only reinforcing the narrative.

“We should have given Drew a talk show a decade ago, this is so good,” wrote one fan, while another said: “Drew Barrymore should be the only person allowed to host a talk show now that Wendy Williams is done.”

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