Drag queen performs as Posie Parker and gets covered in tomato sauce

Sydney drag queen Barbi Ghanoush

An Australian drag queen has performed as anti-trans campaigner Posie Parker, and honestly, they almost ticked every box.

Blonde wig? Check. Pink velour tracksuit? Check. Drenched in tomato sauce? Check.

The queen in question, Sydney-based performer Barbi Ghanoush, said Parker was “practically begging to be parodied”, following visits to Australia and New Zealand in recent weeks.

During the performance, Ganoush lip-synced to “Left Outside Alone” by Anastacia, dressed as Parker, and had tomato sauce squirted on her during the song’s finale.

Parker was covered in tomato sauce by a trans rights activist when she tried to hold an event on her Let Women Speak tour in an Auckland park.

Ganoush told Pedestrian TV that the incident had become “instantly iconic”.

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“Posie Parker is a hateful, spiteful bigot, there’s no doubt about that, but I think at her very core she’s honestly just ridiculous,” Ghanoush told Pedestrian TV.

“I mean, with those heinous little diamanté jumpsuits and her utter desperation upon realising that hardly anyone around here agrees with her, she’s practically begging to be parodied.”

The queen added that drag has a long history of mocking “awful, queerphobic” people.

“Protest comes in many forms, and I’m just as proud and excited to use my drag to fight against transphobia as I am to march through the streets with my trans and queer siblings.”

Posie Parker’s visit to Australia and New Zealand caused controversy at every step, attracting a Neo-Nazi group, dressed in black and throwing Hitler salutes, showing up to support a rally in Melbourne.

One woman who attended the Melbourne rally as part of a pro-LGBTQ+ counter-protest, told PinkNews that queer people and allies were “furious” at the site of the far right extremists on the city’s streets.

After subsequent rallies – including on where a female Australian politician was reportedly thrown to the floor by Parker’s security – she made a brief visit to New Zealand, cutting the trip short after having tomato sauce thrown on her in Auckland.

JK Rowling has tweeted in support of Parker, following the Auckland incident.