Posie Parker rally ‘drowned out’ by trans rights group Cabaret Against the Hate Speech in Edinburgh

A “Let Women Speak” rally organised by anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – who also goes by Posie Parker – was met by a substantial counter protest in Edinburgh yesterday (6 April).

The Telegraph reported that Keen-Minshull claimed the purpose of the rally was to “test the law” to see how the police would handle “gender-critical” chants in light of Scotland’s new hate crime legislation, which has already been challenged by Scotland-based Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

In a series of social media posts on 1 April, Rowling misgendered several trans women – including trans activists, public figures and convicted sexual offenders – describing “every last one of them” as “men”.

The Telegraph headlined their article about the Posie Parker/Keen-Minshull rally: “Feminists accuse pro-trans activists of ‘intimidation’ on Scottish march.” Keen-Minshull has repeatedly stated that she is not a feminist.

The Edinburgh rally, which began at 1pm, was met by opposition from pro-transgender groups, including Cabaret Against the Hate Speech (CAHS) who describe themselves as “an LGBTQ+ group that organises counter protests against all forms of hate speech across Scotland with live music, song and dance.”

The group played music and banged drums during the “Let Women Speak” rally, with several attendees on both sides tweeting that the Cabaret’s music had “drowned out” the gender-critical event.

Who is Posie Parker?

Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, speaks into a microphone with a black-and-pink background
Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, has said that women who stand in her way will be ‘annihilated’. (Posie Parker/Twitter)

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, better known by her pseudonym Posie Parker, has fast become one of Britain’s most notorious anti-trans campaigners .

She first rose to infamy in 2018 when she was questioned by police over tweets she’d posted about about Susie Green, CEO of trans charity Mermaids, and her trans daughter.

In the tweets, Keen-Minshull misgendered Green’s daughter and made reference to “castration”. 

In recent years, Keen-Minshull has generated headlines after organising anti-trans protests and events in the UK, Australia and the US. She also founded the group Standing for Women – an anti-trans campaigning group which she uses as a vehicle to vocalise her gender critical views. 

She has also previously been criticised for praising far-right campaigner Tommy Robinson in a Feminist Current podcast, and for appearing in a video with Jean-François Gariépy –  a prominent far-right YouTuber who calls for a “white ethno-state”.

She has also been accused of using a Barbie doll wearing a Nazi uniform as her profile picture on the social media site Spinster. Also, 30 Neo-Nazis also showed up to a ‘Let Women Speak’ tour in Melbourne, Victoria in March 2023 – Keen-Minshull denied were there for her rally.

HOPE not hate’s State of Hate 2023 report singled out Posie Parker as a “leading voice in the anti-trans movement”.

“She has increasingly found support from, and an overlap in, views with the far right, which has also increasingly focused on trans people,” the report read.