Joe Lycett reveals David Beckham exchange after shredder stunt: ‘I’m not satisfied, put it that way’

A graphic showing on the left an image of comedian Joe Lycett dressed in a pink and white frilly top and David Beckham on the white dressed in a tuxedo. The background shows pink and blue spots

Joe Lycett has revealed that football player David Beckham’s team “reached out” to him over his Qatar ultimatum.

Lycett famously threatened to shred £10,000 if Beckham didn’t renounce his multi-million pound deal with World Cup host Qatar, a country which criminalises homosexualiry.

The comedian pretended to shred the cash after receiving no public response from Beckham – though. he later revealed the money had been donated to LGBTQ+ charities.

Speaking to broadcast journalist Emily Maitlis on The News Agents podcast, Lycett revealed that while he still hasn’t spoken to Beckham directly, he has had “some movement from some of his people”.

“Basically, we’ve had some contact with them but basically, legally at the minute, I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say,” he said.

“I’m not satisfied with where we’ve got to let’s put it that way.”

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Lycett suggested Beckham’s team doesn’t appear to be ready to “offering anything really”.

“They’re just talking to us a little bit which they hadn’t done before,” he said.

“I think they’re just trying to get it to go away really. Which it will eventually, and it won’t affect him long-term.”

Those found to have engaged in same-sex relations in Qatar can be sent to prison, and under Sharia law, the death penalty is possible.

I always felt that football wasn’t for me.

Joe Lycett

Joe Lycett also spoke about his own experiences with football culture and the ongoing controversy surrounding the Qatar World Cup.

He said that when England and Wales players folded under pressure, dropping plans to wear a rainbow ‘One Love’ armband over fear of sanctions, it felt like a “sucker punch”.

Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett is a trouble-maker in the best way. (Getty)

“What’s been really sad about the whole last couple of months is I always felt that football wasn’t for me, and that it was not a world that I’d be embraced in any way and would be shut out of,” Lycett said.

“And then for them at the very last minute to go, or we’re not interested was a real sucker punch, because it sort of showed me what I kind of always knew, which is they are allies to a point.”

“The One Love Armband, I thought that’s a start. I mean, it wasn’t the Pride colours on the armband, it was some weird mix of colours, but fine, it’s something.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Joe Lycett told Maitlis he thinks part of the blame lies with the “hugely corrupt” FIFA as well as Qatar, which “threw the gays to the wolves” by hosting the tournament in the country.

David Beckham has long been considered a gay icon and supposed ally of the queer community. He refused to denounce his sponsorship, leading to Lycett shredding the £10,000, though it was later revealed that the money was fake – and that he donated it to LGBTQ+ charities, instead.

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