Frozen 2 trailer has convinced fans that Elsa is a lesbian

A screenshot of Elsa from the trailer for Frozen 2 overlaid with tweets

Frozen 2 protagonist Elsa is a lesbian, according to many fans who have watched the new trailer.

Disney fuelled the long-held opinion of queer Frozen enthusiasts, that the ice queen should be written as a lesbian, with the release of a new teaser on Wednesday (February 13).

Watch the teaser trailer for Frozen 2:

In the two-minute video, Elsa is seen attempting to use her powers to create an icy pathway across the sea, and also blasts a pink-and-purple cloud in a scene which seems to use bisexual lighting.

Some are saying that an unidentified red-headed character in the trailer is Elsa’s girlfriend, though others have pointed out that they look like a younger version of Anna.

A still from Disney film Frozen 2, which some fans think will reveal that Elsa is a lesbian

Some Frozen 2 enthusiasts think this character is Elsa’s girlfriend. (Disney)

The scene also contains a young, blonde character. This may suggest that it’s a flashback involving the two sisters, and not the revelation that countless queer fans have been waiting for.

If Elsa did come out, she would be the first queer Disney princess.

Frozen 2 fans think Elsa’s outfit shows she’s a lesbian

Many Frozen fans have tweeted that Elsa’s clothing choices in the trailer prove her queer sexuality.

One said: “I want to make elsa’s lesbian pantsuit overcoat outfit,” while another commented: “Elsa’s outfit in Frozen 2 screams LESBIAN and that’s on that. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.”

“Elsa is serving powerful lesbian energy and I’m f**king here for it. Freeze me MOM.”

— @Rockatansky_

A different user wrote: “elsa’s new outfit… a lesbian icon, truly.”

Another wrote: “elsa looking like a real lesbian,” while one person commented: “Elsa is serving powerful lesbian energy and I’m f**king here for it. Freeze me MOM.”

Elsa is using her ice powers to get to her girlfriend, Frozen 2 fans say

According to the fandom, the Queen of Arendelle is attempting to freeze a route through the sea in the trailer in order to get to her girlfriend.

One of the advocates of this theory wrote: “They definitely gave Elsa a gf in Frozen 2. Only a lesbian would go through so much to be with her partner.”

Another tweeted: “Elsa’s crossing oceans for her lesbian lover,” while a different user commented: “Elsa really is lesbian Jesus walking on water like that!!”

Still of Frozen 2 trailer with Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Elsa, who some fans think is a lesbian

The main characters are seen together in the trailer, staring over an autumnal forest (Disney)

One fan said: “I don’t know why running into the ocean over and over strikes me as a very gay thing to do but Elsa looks like a very determined lesbian trying to cross the ocean for her long-distance gf.”

Others were adamant that Disney now has no choice: Elsa has to be a lesbian.

One of these fans wrote: “I’m sorry @Disney but y’all can NOT put Elsa in that outfit and then Not make her a lesbian.”

And another determined tweeter commented: “All im saying is… if elsa doesnt get a girlfriend in Frozen 2 then all my lesbian bitches will ride at dawn.”

Another asked: “If Elsa doesn’t reveal her true lesbian form in Frozen 2, then what’s the point?” while a different fan tweeted: “if elsa aint a lesbian in frozen 2 then idk what im gonna do.”