Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney of being a ‘paedophile’

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has deleted the first episode of her new podcast, in which she referred to trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney as “one of the biggest paedophiles in America today”.

The MTG: Battleground podcast episode was posted online on Tuesday (18 April) but it had been removed two days later.

As at the time of writing, Taylor Greene’s Rumble account, where the show is hosted, only shows episode two and its trailer, alongside other older content, most of which was posted more than a month ago.

Clips of the deleted episode were shared online by research account PatriotTakes, showing the far-right House representative calling Mulvaney “one of the biggest paedophiles in America today”.

She also actively misgenders Mulvaney, saying: “I won’t be referring to him as a she or her.”

In another clip, which includes a clip of a video of Mulvaney’s partnership with beer brand Bud Light, Marjorie Taylor Greene continues the verbal attacks on the TikTok star.

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“This is Dylan Mulvaney, he’s an actor. And he has a very specific role that he is playing — and it’s the grooming and sexualisation of children.”

Mulvaney has not responded to the incident, having been silent on social media since early April, following a wave of anti-trans hate following her Bud Light and Nike sponsorships.

Her partnership with Bud Light has become a big deal in the US. The beer brand partnered with her for a March Madness competition, where the brand also gave her a can with her own face on it.

However, right-wing and anti-trans snowflakes took the influencer partnership personally, and have taken to attempting to boycott the brand and destroying its products — such as Kid Rock shooting multiple boxes of the product.

The ordeal resulted in Bud Light’s marketing vice president taking a leave of absence, and even made its way to the White House, where press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commented: “When a transgender American posts a video about a brand of beer they enjoy and it leads to bomb threats, it’s clear that the level of violence and vitriol against transgender Americans has to stop.”

Mulvaney’s deal with Nike sparked similar backlash, including comments from former Olympians Sharron Davies, who said it was a “kick in the teeth”, and Caitlyn Jenner, who called it an “outrage” and “woke”.

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