Dannii Minogue honoured to play cupid to ‘gorgeous’ gay guys on new dating show I Kissed a Boy

I Kissed a Boy Dannii Minogue

The UK’s first-ever exclusively gay dating show I Kissed a Boy is on the horizon, with pop diva Dannii Minogue playing cupid for ten men in a villa in Italy.

The fact that the line-up of singletons are all men isn’t the only unique thing about the show, either. Before they say one word to each other, the contestants have to kiss. Then, it’s all about getting to know each other.

For the gays of Britain, it’s the antidote to a reality TV world that has had heteronormative relationships at its core for decades. For life-long LGBTQ+ ally Dannii Minogue – or Mama Minogue, as she refers to herself – it’s simply a dream come true. 

In fact, being the host of the UK’s first gay dating show isn’t just a dream – it’s an “honour”.

Speaking about why she wanted to take on a project so distinctly queer, the “I Begin To Wonder” hitmaker explained that the LGBTQ+ community has always had her back.

“I have had the privilege of being involved with the LGBTQ+ community for many years. I am a staunch ally, and in return I have always been welcomed with support that always feels like a huge hug,” she told the BBC

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“It is an honour to host this show and flex my muscles as fairy godmother/cupid in helping these gorgeous humans in their search for love.”

In 2017, Minogue was visible in her support for Australia legalising same-sex marriage, while most recently, she joined sister Kylie Minogue to headline Sydney’s World Pride event.

Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue make a heart shape with their hands while performing in matching outfits at Sydney WorldPride.
Dannii Minogue joined sister Kylie for a rendition of “All The Lovers” (Getty/Don Arnold)

Plus, she has always been a huge fan of drag queens. She appeared on Drag Race Down Under season one in 2021, and has now revealed her adoration for both RuPaul, and fellow Oz icon Courtney Act.

“RuPaul has created a massive landscape to uplift and normalise drag – and I think the world is a better place for that,” she explained, adding her voice to the growing number of celebrities standing up against attacks on drag queens.

Courtney Act – I actually missed her entry to Aussie TV in Australian Idol, as I was living in London, but she has carved a huge career internationally and her book Caught in the Act is a must read,” she added.

Minogue described I Kissed a Boy as “sexy and romantic,” while dishing on more of what viewers can expect from the series.

“The first time they meet, they will kiss,” she insisted. “Then it is time to get to know the person they kissed and why they were teamed up together.”

It’s taken a long time for queer people to see themselves on British reality dating TV, with one Love Island boss infamously suggesting that including gay people in such a series would be a “logistical difficulty”.

In Danni Minogue’s eyes, though, it’s been a long time coming.

“It was far too long that calls for this type of show fell on deaf ears,” she stated. “I am so proud of [TV company] TwoFour and BBC Three for making this happen. The door is now wide open and the possibilities are now there for inclusion.”

I Kissed a Boy launches on Sunday 14 May at 9pm on BBC Three. 

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