Reality star Chloe Veitch star says she’s ‘itching’ to date after coming out as bisexual

Reality star Chloe Veitch comes out as bisexual.

Too Hot to Handle reality star Chloe Veitch has opened up about her sexuality journey after coming out as bisexual.

A revolution is happening in the reality TV dating world as the LGBTQ+ community carves a place for itself in a traditionally heterosexual genre.

As more streaming platforms launch LGBTQ+ inclusive dating series (see Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love), contestants from across different shows are slowly coming out, with Chloe Veitch becoming the latest to speak her truth.

In a new interview, Veitch has opened up about how her latest reality series, The Big Celebrity Detox, has helped her come to terms with her sexuality.

The show follows eight celebrities as they undergo “outlandish” health and self-improvement exercises to change their own lives for the better – and Veitch as dug deeper into herself, she had a profound realisation about her sexual orientation.

“I realised, ‘This is what’s bothering you – you’re bisexual and you haven’t told anyone,'” she told The Sun.

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Chloe Veitch in Perfect Match.
Chloe Veitch in Perfect Match. (Netflix)

“I’ve definitely been battling it, to be honest,” she continued. “I mean, being in and out of little flings with girls. I felt like it was my dirty little secret so it has taken the weight off my shoulders.”

The reality star admitted going on “heterosexual dating shows” held her back from coming out because she was “anxious about public opinion”.

“But at the end of the day, if I’m happy, that’s all that matters,” she added. “I’m itching to go out there and date both guys and girls. It’s really exciting.”

She even admitted her own celebrity crush was bisexual Love Island star and OnlyFans super influencer Megan Barton Hanson, adding: “She’s so hot.”

Since starring as a contestant on the first season of Too Hot To Handle back in 2020, Veitch has appeared on The Circle, Celebrity Hunted, Eating With My Ex and Perfect Match, racking up two million Instagram followers along the way.

The reality star follows in the footsteps of fellow Too Hot To Handle season one contestant Francesca Farago, who came out as bisexual during the show and has been vocal about her queerness.

After appearing in Netflix’ Perfect Match alongside Veitch, Farago has embarked on a relationship with trans TikTok influencer Jesse Sullivan and leapt to his defence against transphobic trolls.

Farago previously told Variety, that while she was on Perfect Match, she was keen to explore dating women, leading to a romantic dalliance with Abby Humphries.

“I wasn’t even sure if it was going to happen because it was a heterosexual show,” she explained. “But I’m glad that it happened, and I’m glad that that relationship happened. I kind of just switched up the game.

“The more representation we have, the more positive it will be because people will see that we’re just normal people”.

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