Bigots are raging at Transformers cartoon with a non-binary alien robot

Bigots are furious at a Transformers cartoon with a non-binary robot from outer space, claiming the kids’ classic is “after your children”.

They’ve only just discovered Nightshade, a character introduced in 2022 in the first season of TV series Transformers: EarthSpark, which premiered on Paramount+.

The character uses they/them pronouns and say: “‘He or she’ just doesn’t fit who I am.”

On Thursday (11 May), the right-wing account Libs of TikTok caught on to this and shared their thoughts on the inclusion of the non-binary character in the cartoon.

The account posted a clip from the show to its more than two million Twitter followers and captioned it: “They’re after your kids.”

Libs Of TikTok, which shares queer content with its anti-LGBTQ+ following, has been associated with bomb threats made to US hospitals, and its founder, Chaya Raichik, was quickly shut down in March when she attempted to speak to US politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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In a recent clip, Nightshade shares their they/them pronouns with character Sam, whose pronouns, we learn, are she/they.

This has sent bigots into a spin.

Another Twitter user posed the question: “Is this something you would want your children to watch?”

They posted a clip of Optimus Prime misgendering Nightshade, but then correcting himself once he realised they are non-binary.

Since the character’s debut, non-binary fans of Transformers have said they felt represented by Nightshade’s role.

One Twitter user expressed how “important” Nightshade is to them and wrote that “having a character who exists so vocally and freely as non-binary within my favourite franchise has genuinely made me cry on several occasions. Representation matters”.

One point for representation and “nil points” for the bigots.

This isn’t the first time an LGBTQ+ character has been represented in the Transformers universe. In the comic series, the characters Anode and Lug are a transgender couple. But, Nightshade is the first non-binary character.

Representation of non-binary people has been growing across tv shows and films.

Cal Bowman, played by Dua Saleh, who uses they/them pronouns, was introduced in the final season of Sex Education as they navigated dating as a non-binary person, prompting conversation around the topic.

And the fantasy drama The Sandman featured a non-binary deity in the form of Desire, who was played by non-binary actor Mason Alexander Park.