Drag queen expertly shuts down anti-LGBTQ+ protester at Birmingham Pride parade: ‘The only sin is you spreading hate’

Birmingham Pride parade and Adam Carver

Birmingham drag queen Fatt Butcher received cheers at the city’s Pride parade for expertly shutting down an anti-LGBTQ+ protester.

Fatt Butcher, known out of drag as Adam Carver, describes themself as “Birmingham’s queen of disco and amyl nitrate” as well as “the illegitimate love child of Elton John and Pam St Clements”.

Carver took to the city streets on Saturday (27 May) on their ‘Big Gay Disco Bike’ to participate in the Birmingham Pride march, when they were caught on video reading a homophobic protester to filth.

Responding to the protester, who was heckling people taking part in the event, Carver used their megaphone to say: “Repent your sins, darling. Repent your sins.

“Do you know what babes? We are love, and the only sin that’s happening right now is you spreading hate.

“I’ve repented everything … and I want you to know you’re loved by all the f*****s here even though you hate us. And everyone here disagrees with you.

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“So you have a gorgeous time burning in hell by yourself, alright babes.”

As they drive further away, Carver can be heard saying “no religion teaches you to hate other people”.

Their expert shutdown of the protester was greeted with cheers and whoops of delight from the crowd.

The event continued with the thousands of Pride-goers marching from the Library of Birmingham via Smallbrook Queensway before going into the LGBTQ+ village.

Pride events in the UK have been targeted by anti-LGBTQ+ protests in recent years, with anti-LGBTQ+ protesters attempting to crash Scotland’s largest LGBTQ+ Pride festival in 2022 – before Pride Glasgow attendees gave them the welcome they deserved.

A dozen counter-protesters bearing signs saying homosexuality is a “sin” set up camp in Glasgow’s George Square. “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out,” read one sign. But Pride-goers – many protesting against the British government’s failure to ban conversion therapy for trans people – quickly circled the group and drowned out the counter-protesters while waving rainbow flags.

At Pride in London last year, a group of religious protesters met their match as they were drowned out by a group of Pride-goers loudly singing to Whitney Houston’s hit “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” in front of them – including several cast-members of the hit Netflix series Heartstopper.