Elmo appears on stage at the Biden-Harris rally, and it’s a crossover we never thought we’d see

Elmo appeared to head up the Biden-Harris rally. (Getty)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris led a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and they appeared to be joined by none other than Elmo.

The President and Vice President are currently vying for a second and final term in office. They travelled to Girard College in Fairmount to launch their “Black Voters for Biden-Harris” initiative. 

But according to an attendee-captured video, the beloved Sesame Street character — who recently served as the public’s therapist — reportedly made an appearance on stage. 

Local journalist Julia Terruso took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the bizarre collaboration, which saw the furry red creature dancing with drummers at the event prior to Biden and Harris’ arrival. 

“Elmo is also here at Girard. Biden and Harris slated to speak in about 15 min,” Terruso wrote, sharing a clip on the social media platform. 

However, it seems that the mascot is affectionately known as “Philly Elmo” in the state, and doesn’t appear to have any connection with the Max series.

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Elsewhere, Biden said at the rally: “I promise to put racial equality at the center of everything I do because I vowed I would have an administration that looked like America.

“Because you voted, we are invested more than ever in Black families and communities.” 

Aside from the pair’s more traditional campaigns at abortion rallies and launching LGBTQ+ voter election initiatives, the Biden-Harris team has also taken some unorthodox approaches to their campaign. 

Earlier this month, their campaign team trolled Donald Trump by using a Kendrick Lamar diss track against Drake. Taking to TikTok on President Biden’s official account, the clip utilised Lamar’s track “Euphoria” to call out Trump’s divisive stance on women’s rights and immigration, among other topics.

Biden-Harris’ social team did not censor the song’s explicit lyrics in the video, with Lamar’s diss lines against Drake still audible.

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