Apple iOS 18 to introduce hidden apps, and everyone is saying the same thing

iOS 18 has announced new features. (Apple)

Apple’s iOS 18 is set to introduce new features, including the ability to hide apps, and everyone is saying the same thing. 

The technology company announced its plans to update the iPhone Operating System (iOS), to include features like call recording, scheduled text messages and even AI-created images. But there’s one iOS 18 feature in particular which has people talking: Locked and hidden apps.

Designed for when you (nervously) hand your beloved device over to someone else, Apple is including “two new ways to protect sensitive apps and the information inside them”.

As fellow iPhone users have pointed out on X (formerly Twitter), there’s one app which the queer community are excited about protecting from prying eyes: Grindr.

“I can finally download grindr in peace,” one person wrote on the social media site, while another echoed: “Oh I can lock grindr.”

“I can finally hide grindr omg,” wrote a third. “ME HIDING GRINDR,” quipped a fourth.

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“Everyone and their mother abt to hide grindr,” another social media user added.

Apple has said that the new features are set to arrive in the autumn, just in time for cuffing season.

And it’s good news for those with the inclusive dating app, as the app is reportedly set to introduce an “AI boyfriend” to sext users

The AI bot can reportedly sext, flirt and maintain a relationship with users. Platformer reported that the app hopes to create “AI boyfriends” who will “engage in sexually explicit conversations with users” when they can’t find a real-life person to sext or hook up with in the early hours.

Of course, the danger of introducing such technology means that people might become over-reliant in engaging with chatbots that they have no desire to socialise — or in this case, date or have sex — with actual humans. 

Grindr has not yet confirmed when it plans to launch the feature. PinkNews contacted a representative of Grindr for a comment at the time.

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