Sex robot with ‘bionic penis’ that can be programmed gay is coming soon

Henry the sex robot

New sex robots from leading AI robotics company RealDoll will be programmable as gay or straight, depending on your preference.

RealDoll famously created Harmony, an AI sex robot with an animatronic head and Scottish accent, in 2019.

Although Harmony was apparently designed a “bisexual flavour”, the company is now working on its first-ever male sex robot, Henry, and is creating artificial intelligence that will allow customers to programme their robot’s sexual orientation.

In a video posted by company representative Brick Dollbanger on Instagram, Matt McMullen, CEO of RealDoll subdivision Realbotix, said developing Henry’s AI software was “complicated”.

He said: “Not only do we need to create a different gender, we also need to create a sexual preference in the profile.”

sex robots

Realbotix CEO Matt McMullen (left) and Henry the sex robot (right). (Instagram/ brickdollbanger)

McMullen said that lesbian sex robots were also on the horizon, adding: “This would be something that would also propagate to the female platform as well.”

McCullen said that while he hopes to release Henry next year, the company still needs to “come up with that bionic penis“.

“We’re going to be working on some sort of very special insert for Henry so that he’s able to, you know, lift trucks with his penis or something,” he said.


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He added that they were also developing “self-heating, self-lubricating erogenous zones” for both the male and female robots.

While RealDoll robots have moving heads and faces, which can recreate human facial expressions, McCullen said fully animatronic bodies will take years to become a reality due to safety concerns.

He said: “We’re already starting to animate the body, the problem is: When can a body be animated, and then be safe to throw into someone’s bed?

“A robotic arm that’s strong enough to lift the entirety of its silicone weight is pretty darn strong. If something goes a little bit off with that, it can take your head off.”