Grindr is reportedly introducing an ‘AI boyfriend’ to sext users, and we don’t know how to feel

The reported feature uses AI. (Getty)

Grindr is reportedly introducing an “AI boyfriend” bot to its platform which can sext, flirt and maintain a relationship with users, and we don’t know how to feel.

The trans-inclusive dating app recently announced it’s hoping to move away from hookup culture by focusing on features geared towards “long-term dating, travel, and professional networking”. 

As the world grapples with the future of AI, our favourite apps must also catch up. An idea to introduce “AI wingmen” on the popular dating platform was initially conjured up, with Bloomberg reporting the plans back in December.

The outlet said that the dating app company was partnering with Ex-human Inc., which provides artificial intelligence tools. The reported idea was for the app’s AI feature to “recommend a restaurant to take a date to or select music based on a person’s profile that they might find aphrodisiacal if and when they come up for a drink”.

But the company’s new alleged plans are somehow even scarier and hornier. Platformer reported that the app hopes to create “AI boyfriends” who will “engage in sexually explicit conversations with users” when they can’t find a real-life person to sext or hook up with in the early hours.

Of course, the danger of introducing such technology means that people might become over-reliant in engaging with chatbots that they have no desire to socialise — or in this case, date or have sex — with actual humans. 

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It might sound far-fetched, but a 2019 study found there are “very real challenges ahead, including the potential disruption of human-human intimate relationships, the objectification of women, and the modelling of sexual relationships with partners without emotional or sexual needs”.

Not to mention that the introduction of such “AI boyfriends” could decrease income opportunities for sex workers, particularly those who offer paid-for sexting and phone line services. Now with AI, clients who want to get their rocks off can do so without the social requirements of speaking to an actual human. 

Grindr has not yet confirmed when it plans to launch the feature. PinkNews has contacted a representative of Grindr for a comment on the matter.