Trixie Mattel confirms break from drag will last ‘several months’

Trixie Mattel in a YouTube video discussing her break from drag

Drag superstar and makeup mogul Trixie Mattel has confirmed her break from all drag content will be “several months” long.

Since appearing on season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2015, it would be fair to say that Trixie Mattel hasn’t stopped working.

Aside from appearing on (and winning) spin-off All Stars 3, three years later, the 34 year-old runs a YouTube channel like Morphine Love Dion would run a Sephora, owns a cosmetics company (Trixie Cosmetics), heads up the Solid Pink Disco tour (in which she DJs to crowds of homosexuals et al), has a podcast with frequent collaborator Katya, and has hosted several seasons of Drag Race recap show The Pit Stop – and that’s just off the top of our heads.

It makes sense, therefore that she might want a breather – and speaking in a video uploaded on June 11 to Mattel’s YouTube channel titled ‘Trixie Gets Ready for West Hollywood Pride‘, the makeup mogul has confirmed her plan for one in full.

“You guys know my break is coming up, and I’ve never taken a break from YouTube, I’ve never taken a break from drag,” she began, before clarifying: “And it will be a full break. I will quit social media for several, several, several months.”

Mattel, 34, added: “No content, no videos, no podcast, it will be intense.”

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The Trixie Cosmetics owner explained: “When I first started coming up with the idea for the break, I was like, ‘I’m gonna keep doing YouTube, and I’m gonna keep doing the podcast,’ and then I was like, ‘That’s not a break, Mary’.”

Never one to leave her legions of fans hanging, Mattel also teased what they could expect in her absence.

“The channel will continue. I don’t want to give away everything – I might not be here, but we have a lot of sh*t planned in my absence. This studio will be bustling.

“I bet the views are going to be so high when I’m gone, that Nick [Mattel’s editor], is gonna be like: ‘The best thing for the channel is for you to stay away,” she joked, before confirming that she’d be deleting both Instagram (which she was previously ‘banned’ from for calling two whales the f-slur) and YouTube from her phone.

When will Trixie Mattel return to drag?

Mattel has spoken openly in recent months about suffering from burnout while heading up her various empires. In a previous video‘s comments, fans begged her to take a break, and she also spoke about the break – which she has confirmed will commence at the end of Pride month – in an interview with ELLE.

“I can’t really do it anymore. I’m going on a three or four month sabbatical: July, August, September, and October. I’m not even doing social media, so I’m going to really be gone for a while.

“I’m probably not going to come back at the full speed of Trixie anymore. The Trixie we know, the Trixie that is on every YouTube video, on every show, and every TV show, I just can’t sustain that anymore. This giant rat wheel that I’ve been running on, I need to pull back a lot”.

Mattel’s season seven co-star and (work) bestie Katya recently returned from a break from drag, in which the latter checked into rehab for substance abuse.

While hosting Viceland’s The Trixie and Katya Show, Katya stepped away from the production and checked into rehab amidst mental health struggles in 2018. The ordeal, which included a fallout with Mattel, was later aired in the latters’s documentary, Moving Parts.

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