Morphine Love Dion and Trixie Mattel finally address their historic ‘beef’: ‘That sounds c**t!’

Morphine Love Dion Trixie Mattel

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 alum Morphine Love Dion and All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel have jokingly addressed their ‘beef’ following historic tweets from the former addressing the latter’s ‘nasty’ attitude.

Drag Race fans will know Morphine as the ‘Queen of She Done Already Done Had Herses‘ from the lip sync smackdown episode of the recently concluded season 16 of Drag Race‘s flagship franchise. They’ll most know Trixie Mattel for triumphing in the third iteration of All Stars seven years prior.

They didn’t know, until tweets from Morphine recently resurfaced, that the pair have a history which features a less-than-friendly interaction at a Drag Con of yore.

Way back in 2020, Ms. Morphine Muggiana Love Dion took to X (then Twitter) to drag Trixie over an meeting between the pair at Drag Con in 2018. Presuming the queen was talking about the LA-based version of the event, this would have fallen on May 11 – 13 of that year, just months after Trixie snatched the All Stars 3 crown.

“Literally f**k [Trixie Mattel],” Morphine wrote, even tagging Trixie in the now deleted tweet.

Morphine then recounted a story in which Trixie gave her “nasty side eye” after the former greeted the latter, adding: “lmao okay doll, obviously I wasn’t ‘big’ enough for her to acknowledge me”.

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Smash cut to the year of our Lord (RuPaul), 2024, and Trixie Mattel again hosted Drag Race’s official recap show The Pit Stop for season 16, and the All Stars 3 champion hasn’t had a bad word to say about Morphine, heaping the fifth-place contestant with praise and adoration all season long.

The pair finally sat down to discuss the ‘drama’ on Trixie’s YouTube channel in a video posted on 29 April.

“I feel like sometimes I don’t deliver as a celebrity,” Trixie said after Morphine brought up the incident, before adding: “But that sounds like a time where I actually delivered.”

Morphine explained that she’d walked past Trixie in the hallway and greeted her, which Trixie also ignored, to which present-day Mattel remarked: “Oh I love that! That sounds c**t!”

“When I read the tweet, I was in love,” Trixie continued. “I loved it. Because obviously I’m obsessed with you. You even knowing who I am was such a compliment to me. And you having been disappointed by an encounter with me made me feel so famous.”

Speaking to EW about the resurfaced tweets previously, Morphine said: “I was planning on never addressing it unless it was something funny where she and I addressed it. Those tweets were from 2020, but the thing that happened was in 2018. I was stupid and young.

“It was one of those things where I didn’t know much of Trixie of how she was in person, until years later when she said that’s how she is and can come across as rude… My dumb ass tweeted it in 2020, when we were all going through it that year, mentally.

“Let me tell my three followers and fans how I feel. I hate that it came up, but I absolutely love Trixie now. I’ve met her. She’s the sweetest person… That’s just how she is, and she’s not being rude.”

Currently, Drag Race fans are gearing up for the start of All Stars 9, which features eight queens, including finalists, fan-favourites and three-time returnees.

All Stars 9 will air on Paramount+ in the US and WOW Presents Plus internationally from 17 May.