Lesbian influencer couple share the ‘highs and lows’ of their IVF journey

Lesbian influencer couple Eden and Jay have shared an update about their IVF journey, which has inspired other same-sex couples to follow the same path.

Taking to TikTok, Eden and Jay announced that they’re in the final stage of IVF. 

The news follows a post earlier this year in which they outlined the emotional process of going through IVF, sharing with followers the joys and challenges of trying for a baby as a same-sex couple. 

At the time, the couple revealed that Jay is hoping to be pregnant by the summer. 

‘It’s taken us three years’

As the NHS explains, in vitro fertilisation, often just called IVF, is a medical procedure that sees a woman’s egg fertilised with sperm in a laboratory.

The fertilised embryo is then returned to the woman’s womb to grow and develop.

Alongside the video, the pair wrote: “It’s taken us three years – filled with highs and lows – to get here but we’re finally at the last step of our IVF journey. Wish us luck.” 

Fans showered the pair with support in the comments, with one saying it had inspired them to start an IVF journey with their wife. They wished the couple lots of luck.

Eden and Jay’s good news follows their marriage

Eden and Jay have been documenting the process on their TikTok page since 2022, giving followers an insight into how IVF works. 

Jay’s first round of IVF didn’t go as plan, but despite struggles the pair persevered and the second round worked. The news follows the pair having a traditional Mexican wedding last summer. 

In March, a lesbian couple claimed they were refused an NHS IVF referral unless they could “prove” they “[had been] trying” for two years. 

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