Lesbian influencers Anjali and Sufi call off wedding ‘due to infidelity’

Popular Desi lesbian influencer couple Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik have called off their engagement and ended their five-year relationship amid an admission of infidelity by Sufi.

Fans of Sufi Malik and Anjali Chakra, an Indian and Pakistani couple from New York and San Francisco, have said they are “devastated” by the news that the couple are splitting, after Sufi admitted to cheating on Anjali “a few weeks before our wedding”.

“This may come as a shock, but our journey is shifting. We have decided to call off our wedding and end our relationship due to infidelity committed by Sufi,” Anjali wrote in an Instagram statement on Monday (25 March).

She asked fans that “no negativity to be shown towards Sufi”, adding that the split had been a “difficult decision” to make.

Sufi added in a separate post: “I made an unrecognisable mistake of betrayal by cheating on her a few weeks before our wedding. I’ve hurt her tremendously, beyond my understanding.

“I am owning up to my mistake and will continue to do so.”

The lesbian influencers rose to fame in 2019, when a photoshoot of the pair together in traditional dress went viral, with the pair praised for their heart-warming representation as a queer South Asian couple.

“People message us so often to say that they’re so happy they found us because they didn’t realise that there were any other queer South Asian people out there,” the former couple told Business Insider in 2020, after going viral.

“To us, using our platforms responsibly means sharing about others doing important work for our communities without those privileges.”

Anjali and Sufi, who met when they followed each other on Tumblr and got engaged in 2022, have since amassed more than 136,000 subscribers on their shared YouTube channel, and each have over 200,000 followers on their separate Instagram pages.

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