Lesbian TikTok couple Caitlin and Leah announce birth of baby girl

TikTok influencers Caitlin and Leah announce the birth of their baby girl

Lesbian TikTok influencers Caitlin and Leah have announced the birth of their second child, a baby girl.

The pair, who have shared their IVF pregnancy journey online, announced the birth of their baby in an Instagram post on Friday (19 April).

The couple had told fans earlier this month on their podcast “The 3am Club” that their baby’s name is Lyla Anna.

“Welcome to the world our beautiful darling Lyla Anna Sheil. Weighing 7lbs 15oz. Our family is complete and we couldn’t be happier,” the couple wrote on their shared TikTok page.

Leah added on her Instagram: “Both mum and Lyla are doing absolutely fantastic! Watching Caitlin give birth to our beautiful daughter was something I’ll never forget. That girl never fails to amaze me, my hero.”

Caitlin and Leah welcomed their baby boy, Oakley, into the world in 2023. Leah carried their first child using Caitlin’s eggs, while baby Lyla Anna was carried by Caitlin using Leah’s eggs. 

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Before beginning their IVF journey and giving birth to their two children, Caitlin and Leah started out on TikTok speaking out about mental health and their struggles with anxiety.

In an interview with PinkNews in 2021, Leah explained: “We’ve just wanted it to show people that it may look perfect, but everyone does have a struggle.

“That’s why we started first to be open about mental health on TikTok because we don’t want to be like a sort of influencer or someone, someone follows that they think they’re perfect when in reality, no one’s perfect.”

They added that by providing representation as a female same-sex couple, fans had told them that their content had helped them, which in turn had been positive for them.

“It’s [being on TikTok] kind of helped us become more comfortable in our sexuality, especially knowing that we’ve helped others,” Caitlin explained.