MrBeast puts transphobes on blast and comes out swinging in support of his friend Ava Tyson – again

YouTube sensation MrBeast has once again stepped in to support his long-time friend Ava Tyson, who recently faced transphobic comments targeting her ex-wife, Katie Tyson, and four-year-old child Tucker.

On June 22, a member of the OG MrBeast crew, known as Jake The Viking, responded to streamer Nickmercs after the latter tweeted to Ava: “You should be ashamed of yourself. Leaving behind your wife and child, to play pretend. One day you’ll wake up and realise what you’ve done.”

Jake quote-tweeted the original message, adding the comment: “Let ’em know,” leading Katie to break her silence and make it clear that she supports her ex-wife.

MrBeast – whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson – also responded to the unfair allegations, tweeting:

“Ava is literally always with her kid and doesn’t even go on shoots to spend more time with him. Tuck man is always smiling, not sure why this rumor is a thing.”

This is far from the first time MrBeast has supported his friend.

In 2023, MrBeast slammed the rising wave of transphobia facing Ava Tyson following the news that she had started hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

A key member of the YouTube megastar’s crew, Tyson regularly features in his stunt and challenge videos which go out to 145 million subscribers.

Tyson has been making headlines since 6 April 2023 after revealing that she started ‘life-saving’ hormone replacement therapy.

However, alongside the outpouring of love and support from fans, there has also been a hateful transphobic backlash.

MrBeast finally put his foot down in response to a video, published a year ago, by popular reactionary YouTuber SunnyV2, in which he declared that Ava will “soon be a nightmare” for the YouTube star.

In the video, which has almost 9 million views, SunnyV2 also took aim at Tyson’s wife Katie and their son, and claimed that MrBeast is being forced to maintain a working relationship with his long-time friend.

After the accusation was criticised by fans for being “invasive”, off-putting” and “unnecessary”, MrBeast shot down the comments himself on Twitter.

“Yeah, this is getting absurd. (Ava) isn’t my ‘nightmare’ (she’s) my f***ng friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to p**s me off.”

Ava Tyson also responded to the claims made about her family, tweeting: “I won’t let people talk about how I ‘abandoned my child’. He is the only priority in my life.

“I have his love and support and that is all I need. I’m doing this for him. If that confuses you, educate yourself. It that makes you mad, leave. Simple.”

Since day one, MrBeast has always been supportive of his friend. When Ava Tyson first came out, the YouTuber replied “gotchu” with three heart emojis.

Fans have repeatedly applauded MrBeast for standing up for Tyson, with one writing on social media in 2023: “Reactionary YouTubers pushing MrBeast to become a public advocate for trans rights has gotta be one of the biggest transphobia backfires in recent memory.”

Another added: “It’s important to stand up against discrimination. You and your friend deserve to be treated with respect and acceptance. Keep being an ally and fighting against hate.”

Ava Tyson previously confirmed that they have no regrets about sharing her journey.

Although she admitted to being “super nervous to be public”, seeing how many people she helped had been “amazing”.

Tyson added: “It makes everything so worth it. I’m so excited to have more conversations like this in the future with you all.”

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