Katie Tyson makes it clear she supports ex-wife Ava after anti-trans trolls use son as ‘clickbait’

Ava Kris Tyson

MrBeast sidekick and YouTube personality Ava Tyson has hit back trolls targeting her transition and child – and has now been supported by her son’s other mother, Katie.

Tyson shot to fame as a YouTuber and frequent collaborative partner of MrBeast, real name James Stephen Donaldson, before coming out as trans last July and revealing that she had been on hormones for a number of months. She shares a son, Tucker, who was born in 2020, with ex-wife Katie, who remains supportive of Ava despite the pair divorcing in 2022.

Ava has been the target of a string of anti-trans trolls since coming out, and she has spoken out against them a number of times. But the bigots have now turned their attention to Katie and Tucker.

Last week, a member of the OG MrBeast crew, known as Jake The Viking, responded to streamer Nickmercs after the latter told Ava: “You should be ashamed of yourself. Leaving behind your wife and child, to play pretend. One day you’ll wake up and realise what you’ve done.”

Jake replied: “Let ’em know,” leading Katie to break her silence.

“Tucker is loved and cared for by both parents in both homes”

Responding to the post, curated by @DramaAlert, Katie emphasised just how much she still supports Ava.

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“Mine and Tucker’s life are both better than ever,” she assured the trolls, before adding that Tucker “is kept relatively private… solely because of people like [@DramaAlert] who try to make a headline topic with a four year old’s life blasted as a headline.”

Katie then pointed out that the only people negatively affecting Tucker’s life are trolls and media accounts sensationalising his life.

“Imagine having to get introduced to the internet and having all of your life as headline topics, all of his life bashed over the internet… next time, please choose a different headline, other than an innocent four year old’s life.

“Tucker is loved and cared for by both parents in both homes.”

Ava backed up Katie’s statement, writing that despite the fact that the latter “doesn’t like being online… it’s [reached] a point where people are using my four-year-old child as clickbait, so we sat down and discussed how we wanted to address this.”

She went on to say: “Anyways, trans people can be great parents, them and their ex-partners can have cordial and healthy co-parenting relationships, and anyone who throws a child into internet drama, doesn’t give a f*ck about ‘saving the kids’.”

DramaAccount then put out a “summary” of the events, to which Ava responded: “Like you guys aren’t one of the main people perpetuating it.”

Ava has previously blasted claims that her transition “broke up” her family. Speaking in response to a post on X/Twitter in April, she wrote: “I’m in my child’s life [arguably] more than most parents are capable of because of my unique privileges. But we both know you will make up whatever lie you can vomit up to validate your transphobia that is already based on nonsense and misogyny.”

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