MrBeast YouTube star Chris Tyson praised by fans after sharing HRT journey: ‘So much respect’

MrBeast YouTube star Chris Tyson has shared their gender journey

Chris Tyson, who regularly stars alongside YouTuber MrBeast in his viral videos, is receiving a wave of support after opening up about their gender identity on social media.

Last week (6 April), Tyson, 26, revealed on Twitter that they have been accessing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the past two months.

The content creator revealed how HRT had saved their life and spoke out against the “hurdles” gender non-conforming people have to navigate in order to access “life-saving gender-affirming healthcare”.

Gender-affirming healthcare, which has been proven to improve the mental health of those who require it, can include hormone replacement therapy and surgery, in addition to hair removal, speech therapy and puberty blockers.

Tyson has continued to explain more about their gender journey over the past few days, with thousands of fans sending them messages of support.

After Tyson shared two new photos of themself, YouTuber Krtzyy responded with: “You look amazing, Chris. I have so much respect for you being your truest self. The haters will be loud, but I promise there [are] millions of queer kids who look up to you. Keep being yourself.”

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Another fan said: “Everyone deserves happiness and to be their best self no matter what that looks like. So proud of you for knowing what is best for you, which in turn is what’s best for those around you. In your corner, always. Stay happy and free, friend.”

While much of the response to Tyson’s gender journey has been positive, the trolls were unsurprisingly furious about the mere existence of another gender non-conforming person.

Tyson was forced to clap back after one troll said that their son, Tucker, had lost a father figure.

“This is just more dog whistling that somehow trans and GNC (gender non-conforming) folks aren’t safe around kids,” Tyson said. “Tucker begs for me to come back when I leave for like two days to film. He is so loved and happy. Kids aren’t born with hate, it’s taught by people like you. And my child will only know love.”

Meanwhile fans continued to rally around, defending Tyson against the haters.

“I’m happy for you Chris,” one supporter wrote. “Continue to be you. You’re shining, homie. Keep up the great work. You’re an amazing father and positive role model to all of us.”

Another said: “Chris looks happy, and I think that’s awesome. People [who] s**t on others for doing what makes them happy are just weird, especially when it doesn’t affect them at all.”

A third fan added: “All the haters are going to spend their time hating while you’re out there living. I’m so happy for you.”

MrBeast himself has responded to Tyson sharing their truth, with the content creator tweeting a simple “gotchu” alongside three heart emojis.

Tyson has said they are glad to see how talking about their journey has increased awareness of HRT, adding that they will continue to have more conversations about the positive impact of gender-affirming healthcare.

Currently, states across the US, including Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky, are introducing and passing laws aimed at curtailing gender-affirming healthcare for trans people.