First look at Heartstopper’s Joe Locke in terrifyingly camp Agatha All Along trailer

Hiya hun! After what feels like an eternity, fans have finally got their first proper look at new Marvel series Agatha All Along, and it features Heartstopper favourite Joe Locke in teen-boy-meets-witch-coven drag.

The spin-off to 2021’s WandaVision sees the return of Kathryn Hahn as the camp-as-Christmas villain Agatha Harkness, as she deals with fallout from her showdown with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen).

At the end of WandaVision, hero Wanda stripped Agatha of her powers by confining her to the persona of the nosy housewife neighbour of Westview – a role Agatha herself chose at the beginning of the series as she went undercover to conceal her identity.

Well, in Agatha All Along the witch is back. She might be powerless, but she’s back, and she’s desperate to regain a sense of who she used to be.

As if Kathryn Hahn wasn’t camp enough in the role as it is, Agatha All Along will also star The White Lotus‘ queen of deadpan Aubrey Plaza and Broadway legend Patti LuPone as Agatha’s coven members Rio Vidal and Lilia Calderu.

Plus, actor Joe Locke makes his first TV series debut away from Heartstopper, starring as – according to fans – William Kaplan, aka Billy Kaplan, aka Wiccan – son of Agatha’s nemesis Wanda. It’s going to be real interesting seeing how their relationship pans out.

Now, fans have their very first look at Joe Locke in action, as the trailer has finally dropped after months of delays, and several title changes – which turned out to be nothing more than an absolute marketing masterclass.

The trailer begins with Agatha living life through a normal (well, sort of) job as a detective, where she is called to deal with a murder case.

However, Plaza’s Rio appears while Agatha studies the body in the morgue, and urges her to find her witchy powers that she thinks she’s lost.

“She took ever bit of power I had. But I can be that witch again,” Agatha promises.

The remainder of the trailer is a frankly terrifying look at what Agatha can get up to when her fellow witches are on her side, including more than a few spellbound battles and a deathly curse or two.

Earlier this month, Marvel Studio’s head of streaming promised that Agatha All Along would be “really scary”, and by the look of this trailer, he was not lying.

Joe Locke and Kathryn Hahn in Agatha All Along. (Marvel/Disney+)

Locke’s character has been under wraps for a pretty lengthy amount of time, but fans believe they have managed to piece together who he’ll be playing.

Fans suspected that Wiccan would be in the series, and considering he is one of MCU’s leading gay superheroes, casting out gay actor Locke made a lot of sense.

Plus, Locke has previously suggested that his Agatha All Along character doesn’t “necessarily fit the superhero norm” and agreed that WandaVision and its spin-off series resonates with LGBTQ+ people as they are “about misunderstood people and people who are alienated by their society”.

Our first look at Joe Locke in Agatha All Along does at the very least promise he’ll be somewhat queer, with painted nails, make-up, and a suitably histrionic performance. Love.

The first two episodes of Agatha All Along will be released on Disney+ on 18 September, with the remaining seven episodes airing through to November.

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